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  1. originalraith

    Video Research Let your video’s Breathe

    Can I point out a few things, one. when you've done the correct research on your topic, try and create evergreen content! content that views want to watch over and over. 2. meta data is not as important as a good thumbnail and a great title (which has a keyword phrase and tag) aim high and a...
  2. originalraith

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  3. originalraith

    YouTube Tips Promoting Outside of YouTube

    One tip I can add! never do reddit! waste of time and allot of people hurting your watchtime! also if you can spare money invest in ads! its worth it!
  4. originalraith

    YouTube Tips Case Study | How to Get 100k Subscribers | Thundermist Lures Company

    very accurate :) he has money and.... and... and... HE INVESTS IT BACK INTO HIS YT CHANNEL!!!!
  5. originalraith

    30-Minutes of the Best Motivation - compilation videos youtube - youtube tips

    View: https://youtu.be/vTjG4vJuI4U it is 30 minutes but it has some real wisdom on how to grow on the platform. its a compilation of my best engaging videos, with one of my fav games when ps1 came out :) warm regards Raith
  6. originalraith

    Roblox Youtuber!!

    Great Job VEN! Im an advisor for gaming channel growth and I can help you by dropping nuggets of wisdom :) also theres allot of people on this platform that can do the same :)
  7. originalraith

    Twitter Any secrets?

    Yes totally agree, but if you look at my twitter I post humour and I get no engagement at all :/ I'm lost
  8. originalraith

    Twitter Any secrets?

    How do you gain followers on Twitter?
  9. originalraith

    Video Research Tags?

    Yep all makes sense now, thank you everyone this forum is much better than reddit! peace @Andrew you can close this,unless youve got anymore to add?
  10. originalraith

    Answered Vid2vid what is this promotion?

    so another question Vid2vid what is this promotion? where does my vid get promoted, what does this do etc etc
  11. originalraith

    Video Research Tags?

    so ive done the initial keyword that im targeting but I want to expand and bulk up my keywords do i then add more but only the numbered ones or not????
  12. originalraith

    Video Research Tags?

    I know and your both right but... that's not what im asking, I have my target keywords... but to bulk up your tags do you add more keywords that has numbers or not to?
  13. originalraith

    Video Research Tags?

    Um... I meant to say in the tags bit in your yt uploads
  14. originalraith

    Video Research Tags?

    thankyou for your reply
  15. originalraith

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Taking a break is it good or bad? don't burnout on youtube We would sometimes publish youtube videos about how to recover from emotional burnout be posting to youtube, youtube advice, youtube tips, how to grow on youtube, how to avoid burnout on youtube, matt koval, advice from youtube...
  16. originalraith

    Video Research Tags?

    So anyone can answer this I saw a post saying that this lady got x amount of views thanks to TubeBuddy. so when you get suggested keywords do you put ones with numbers in and is it higher the number the better? Just need some advice before I record my next video and edit it? If so ive been doing...
  17. originalraith

    Answered YouTube seo optimization

    Unfortunately these sorts of statistics are different and unique for different channels ie Brian in that video showed that a channel with 18mill subs had 19mill views. for me I have 1.2k subs and some videos are now hitting 4k views and this is normal I am here to help Raith
  18. originalraith

    Answered YouTube seo optimization

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yxHSNMKOoY Brian G explains yt analytics
  19. originalraith

    Let's count to 10,000 :D