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  1. AJAX

    Thumbnail Feedback 3 best and 3 worst CTR thumbnails from my channel

    Certainty true. Well high impressions somewhere between 10000 with a 8% CTR would yield 800 views. A video with 5000 impression and a 15% CTR would yield 750 views. The CTR is pretty important if you ask me.
  2. AJAX

    Answered Is there a fast way to upgrade Tubebuddy for free?

    Well try the sponsored upgrades. Really generous of TB for offering this. You should take full advantage and get a page of notes of tags you can use in the future and all that.
  3. AJAX

    Answered Upgrade but..

    Have you tried getting the attention of a mod?
  4. AJAX

    YouTube Question 100 sub In many days?

    Took me 2-3 months, it drops under 100 sometimes as a small YT
  5. AJAX

    YouTube Question How to make viewers watch your video till the end?

    1 - Preview 2 - "Watch to the end for a ______" 3 - Have words pop up on the screen like, "THINGS ARE GOING TO GET CRAZY"
  6. AJAX

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 Subscribers

    Tough grind! Keep up that content of yours!
  7. AJAX

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Channel Ranks

    I agree! There could be a toggle feature in case you would want to see specifics
  8. AJAX

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail update on my second most popular video on my channel

    Something that would appeal probably to everybody on TubeBuddy =) Great content choice
  9. AJAX

    YouTube Question Social blue and Socialblade

    I don't believe social blade is that accurate at most.. it may lag stats about 3-4 days behind and get you confused on a targeted audience. I still check from time to time, because it's interesting to see future projections.
  10. AJAX

    YouTube Question How to become more comfortable in front of a camera

    Think of it as talking to your future-self. It's alright if you screw up, you can even edit that in as a blooper if you wanted.
  11. AJAX

    YouTube Question How to get 4k hours

    Encourage others to share the video! If you have a medium audience who are loyal (can be as low as 25), then this should create a snowball effect.
  12. AJAX


    Ad is sketchy. Grammar is even incorrect! Not legit.
  13. AJAX

    Editing Software What are you using to Edit with?

    InShot, simple tool and very easy to navigate and use. Also Quik, literally takes 10 seconds to create a nice transition with music for a quick 30 second to 1 minute intro/preview of somewhat =)
  14. AJAX

    Opinion lets see how many pets everyone has

    I got 1 dog =)
  15. AJAX

    Thumbnail Feedback what do you think

    Looks good. Should appeal well to your audience!
  16. AJAX

    Thumbnail Feedback My thumbnail

    Your choice of primary colors looks good! Maybe add a Pokemon or something else to represent the content?
  17. AJAX

    Thumbnail Feedback Which do you prefer? black or white background (A/B testing)

    I think the black one is better, my personal opinion.. the drawing is fantastic!
  18. AJAX

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail

    Not sure if the background fits the theme. I'll add something else to represent your content in the thumbnail besides the text.