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  1. Bounce Gaming

    YouTube Opinion Subscriber count doesn't matter.

    Agreed! Although I do find it flattering that someone takes the seconds it does to hit the big red button.
  2. Bounce Gaming

    Video Review Whisper good things in my ear (A gaming video review)

    User name: Bounce Gaming Title of thread: Whisper good things in my ear (A gaming video review) Self review: Hello beautiful people of TubeBuddy. The below video is my first attempt of mashing together a few days worth a content and transitioning between levels. It was posted this morning and...
  3. Bounce Gaming

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    For those you enjoy watching ugly things be killed View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1SKZ95pdp0&t=870s
  4. Bounce Gaming

    Channel Review Feedback welcome please looking to improve my channel

    Interesting content! Your audio is pretty good considering you're a few feet away from the camera at times and in an echo filled garage in your non-voice over videos. If I had to nit-pick... I think the consistency of the titles and thumbnails could use some work. In your titles, some words...
  5. Bounce Gaming

    Channel Review How can I get more views on my videos and get a longer audience retention

    Hey DiptZy. love the content, I can tell you worked hard on your videos. The intro is a bit on the longer side at 15 seconds, you can maybe shorten that up. Also, I don’t think the image while you’re hyping up the video is needed, it just looks like a thumbnail 2.0, maybe you can talk over the...
  6. Bounce Gaming

    YouTube Opinion Marketing for Channel?

    I would rather have my channel grow organically than give my money to some marketing company.
  7. Bounce Gaming

    YouTube Question How long have you been using TubeBuddy for the past few years?

    I’ve been using it for about 4-5 days now and admittedly I haven’t divulged too much into it, but I do like the tags feature. Also, once I get to a couple hundred views/subs I can use it for analytic purposes. At the moment with single digit views and subs, it’s just not a big enough sample size.
  8. Bounce Gaming

    YouTube Question Need to change intro on videos that are already posted in YouTube

    I think once you publish the video, that's the show... Except for the quick editing feature YT editing. Which is kinda bad since it takes like 3 hours to trim like 3 seconds off the video haha.
  9. Bounce Gaming

    YouTube Question 100 sub In many days?

    Heh, I'm not holding my breathe for 100 subs
  10. Bounce Gaming

    Gaming Channel Introductions are awkward...

    Awe shucks! You guys are too kind!
  11. Bounce Gaming

    Need Advice Once a DAY or Once a WEEK

    I think audiences just want a consistent schedule, no matter if it's daily or weekly. If you're able to provide a video Monday-Friday without fail, then keep at it.
  12. Bounce Gaming

    Thumbnail Feedback Which do you prefer? black or white background (A/B testing)

    Both look great! But if you had a gun to my head and told me to pick one I'd pick your black background. For some odd reason the colours of the dinosaurs pop out more than in the white background.
  13. Bounce Gaming


    Here's some advice to live by... If it's too good to be true, it most likely is. Also that ad just screams illegitimacy
  14. Bounce Gaming

    YouTube Question Is it wrong to request subscribers on other channel videos

    It's definitely distasteful and rude to go onto other Youtuber's creations to advertise your own channel. Instead maybe do this, write a comment about the video which shows that you watched it and care about the content, then sign off "from a fellow Youtube creator". That way, you're taking part...
  15. Bounce Gaming

    Video Research What's the best type of videos to increase watch time and viewer retention?

    I would reckon some kind of tutorial would be most popular for YouTube. Start your title with “How to” and people should click. Of course a good thumbnail and tags will be required as well.
  16. Bounce Gaming

    YouTube Question How often do you publish vids?

    I used to do every other day for my first 4 or so videos, now that I'm getting into editing and learning new software it's now probably max 3 times a week.
  17. Bounce Gaming

    Gaming Channel Introductions are awkward...

    Then you shall receive my everlasting love <3
  18. Bounce Gaming

    YouTube Opinion What's Hardest Thing for A Small Youtube Channel?

    For a smaller Youtube like myself (less than 10 subs). It's the reality of fighting and scrapping for everything view and sub you can get. Creating and editing content is only half of the work, networking and promotion takes a huge chunk of the time as well.
  19. Bounce Gaming

    Video Review As a beginner editor and YouTuber, I'd like to hear some feedback!

    Hey bro, overall an enjoyable video. Love the little sound effects you put in when you're shooting. Critique wise.... I'd suggest that in your preview, make more eye contact with the camera, I noticed your eyes dart back and forth between the lens and I assume yourself on the recorder, you're...