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    YouTube Tips This Guy Followed Me For Years and WENT VIRAL!!!

    I'm actually really proud to see one of my follows overtake my channel is such a short period of time! His name is Sipover and his recent video about "Who is The Best Minecraft Player" has over 300k views where most of his videos only had a few hundred. I thought he was good and I'm glad to see...

    Gaming Channel Looking for Comedy/Gaming Team

    User name: MATTERSGAME Title: Looking for Comedy/Gaming Team Age: 23 Type of collaboration: I have Xobox one, PS4, and PC. The games I play aren’t specific, but I’m going to be playing Batlefront 2, possibly Rocket League, and maybe might bring back some CSGo or Gmod. Amount of Subscribers...

    YouTube Tips Youtube Growth Strategies 2020

    We’re now entering 2020 and that means a lot of people are going to be joining in on the fun but hard work of making YouTube videos. I’ve had been making videos for many years and now I’m making some New Years strategies to keep my channel growing! Let me know your strategies for growth in 2020...