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    Thumbnail Feedback Quick Poll

    I am ambivalente between these two... what do you think?

    Thumbnail Feedback Improving my thumbnails (cooking channel)

    So I had been posting consistently over 7 weeks now, and I have seen my CTR is rather low. I think this might be due to my Thumbnail style. And I would love your opinions and feedback on it. My channel is a cooking channel. I am still experimenting, so all comments are very well appreciated.

    TubeBuddy Mobile Suggestion Keyword explorer for the Mobile App

    I was idle at the train and thought "I'm going to do some keyword research for my next video" went into the app on couldn't find the keyword explorer there. I tend to have idle time where I can't take out my laptop. Thus I scroll aimlessly on my phone it would be awesome to have the keyword...

    In Progress What's trending dropdown menu

    I was browsing the trends, and noticed that Spain is not on the dropdown menu of countries. Is there a reason why I can't see it in there?

    Thumbnail Feedback Recipe Thumbnail

    Hey guys, I'm starting out with my food channel. And this is the first thumbnail I'm going to use.. the idea is to keep a consistent theme on the thumbnails, I would like to read your comments and see what I can implement on the next thumbnail. Let me know your thoughts

    Need Advice Does Channel age matter when starting out in Youtube?

    I have had my channel since 2013, I created it for some personal videos of a CrossFit competition. However, those videos are long gone and I am going to start creating cooking videos and chef related content... does having a 7-year channel an issue? Should I create a new one? or is age not an issue?

    How-To Channel I'm a passionate cook that wants to share the love of food with the world!

    User name: MANUELJARAGONS Title of introduction: I'm a passionate cook that wants to share the love of food with the world! Your name/ Alias: Manu! Where are you from? Colombia How did you find TubeBuddy? I found out about TubeBuddy through my company. They use it to optimize their videos...