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  1. Anna Marie Florece

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    View: https://youtu.be/UVz_DErAu1I
  2. Anna Marie Florece

    Entertainment Channel A day in my life (mai vlog)

    just continue what you love to do.... have fun! welcome!
  3. Anna Marie Florece

    Lifestyle Channel Lilhenry

    welcome to the community. Have a nice day!
  4. Anna Marie Florece

    Technology Channel Wanna know more

    hello and welcome to the community. enjoy!
  5. Anna Marie Florece

    Educational Channel My Channel Publishes Videos That Focus on Painting Landscape & Abstract Using Acrlyic

    Your channel is so nice... just continue doing what you love. enjoy!
  6. Anna Marie Florece

    Community Channel Different and interesting

    welcome to the community. Just do your passion
  7. Anna Marie Florece

    Vlog Channel Is it okay to post livestream even without 1000 subscribers?

    hello...yes you can have your livestream if you want.
  8. Anna Marie Florece

    Gaming Channel A place to Relax and Game.

    hello and welcome.. just continue your passion and enjoy
  9. Anna Marie Florece

    How-To Channel Bake with me

    hello and welcome
  10. Anna Marie Florece

    Beauty Channel my daily routine

    hello and welcome to the community
  11. Anna Marie Florece

    Music Channel Paraiso Sisters

    I'm also new in this community. Have fun!
  12. Anna Marie Florece

    Music Channel This sound make you feel comportable

    Hello I'm also new in this community... music channel also.
  13. Anna Marie Florece

    Music Channel Hi every one this is music channel

    I'm also a new member of this community.
  14. Anna Marie Florece

    Subscriber Milestone 300 subscribers..

    Thank you so much Ms. Jessica.. :)
  15. Anna Marie Florece

    Music Channel Cover Song

    Hello.... just continue what you love to do.
  16. Anna Marie Florece

    Subscriber Milestone I just hit 1200 Subscribers!

    Wow that's good to hear.. congratulations!
  17. Anna Marie Florece

    Music Channel Just making music and trying to keep my plants alive

    just continue singing from your heart..