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  1. MrSorbias

    Comment William TubeBuddy come back to Firefox?

    I today tried to install it to FF, cause I am planning to start using Firefox only. I found out that you have an addon page on mozilla: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tubebuddy-plugin/ but I wasn't able to download it, so it seems that support has been removed?
  2. MrSorbias

    Channel Review Started a new channel for adventures and exploring videos

    Hi! I realized that my 3D-modeling channel is growing (relatively) slowly if I compare it to other similar channels and yet it still takes very much of my time and effort to make videos for the main channel, so I decided to start another channel to test how green the grass is on the other side...
  3. MrSorbias

    Hot Get $928 worth of software with $ 20 (vegas pro edit)

    My friend linked me this thing and I think it's so amazing deal, that I have to tell everybody. If you don't have a proper video editor, this is so much for you. So, from humble bundle, you can get some Magix music software, (sadly you cant use the music you make there commercially without...
  4. MrSorbias

    Educational Channel Hello! One 3D-nerd has landed. ^___^

    Your name/alias: MrSorbias Where are you from?: Finland How did you find TubeBuddy!? Reddit. What is your favourite TubeBuddy tool?: I started using it, because of the tag tools, but . Now I mostly maybe like the statistics, cause it seems to give me very good and fast information of different...