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  1. Murthag91

    New Tubebaddy not showing on crome

    Halo, since today tubebuddy is not showing in the youtube page on my browser (google chrome). When i look at the extension it say it is installed. How can i fix?
  2. Murthag91

    I'm Bad At Youtube And I'm Fine With That (So Should You)

    As the title says on many youtube comunity groups i see some people discouraged on keeping to make video on the platform. I hope this video will motivate you to don't feel down on it but to keep going. No one can be bad at youtube!!!
  3. Murthag91

    4 Tips to Improve Your Rank on Dota

    This is my first motivational video regarding Dota2. I strongly beliave that what you do outside the game have a huge impact when you play. And so i decided to make a video to tell how to prepare outside the game to be more succesful
  4. Murthag91

    Gaming Channel Zdravo! Murthag91 World of Warcraft/ Dota2 Channell

    Your name/alias: Gianandrea aka Murthagh Where are you from?: Italy but i'm Macedonian How did you find TubeBuddy!? Thanx a tutorial about it on youtube What is your favorite TubeBuddy tool?: The milestone feature What made you join our forums?: To know people that have more experience on...