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  1. heaven1983

    Thumbnail Feedback Created new style of thumbnailz

    I just created most of my videos' thumbnails. I was wondering if you guys could give me a feedback on these ones. The backgroubd is similar, my daughter's pictures are different, font style is mostly the same across many thumbnails. My daughter likes colors, which fit her personality. She's...
  2. heaven1983

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on new thumbnail style

    I was wondering if you guys could provide me a feedback or two on my thumbnail style. It's colorful, bright, and fun style. My daughter likes it because it,speaks volume of her personality. She's always energetic, fun, happy, and super active. Also, I like the style and color combo because...
  3. heaven1983

    Channel Review Feedback on thumbnails

    User name: heaven1983 Title of thread: Feedback on thumbnails Self review: I recreated my thumbnail to give my channel a way to stand out. They are bright and there are a lot of colors involved, which resonate with my daughter's personality. She's energetic, full of fun, and happy always. I'm...
  4. heaven1983

    YouTube Question Same videos, different creators

    I've seen a lot of creators who use the same pictures/videos to their videos. I've seen a lot of like fails videos where creators make comments/reactions to specific videos. In my mind, some of these videos are copyright, some are obtained from TikTok, etc. How in the world do these creators...
  5. heaven1983

    Channel Review Need feedback on a new YT channel

    User name: heaven1983 Title of thread: Need feedback on a new YT channel Self review: I just created a YT channel for my daughter three weeks ago. I'd like to pick you guys brains for any feedback on what I need to change, do, tweak, etc. on my daughter's YT channel. Her channel is geared...
  6. heaven1983

    Need Advice Putting out content based on keywords and based on what I want to do

    I'm thinking of putting out contents based on keywords that I found I could competitively compete on (btw, I'm just starting out). Also, I'm thinking of putting a content based on a keyword that's highly competitive (e.g., slime... I mean who doesn't like slime, right?). I'm doing this hoping...
  7. heaven1983

    Answered Should I be targeting "Fair" keywords?

    My daughter's channel is new and I'm working diligently on finding keywords we can use and finding that keyword with "good" overall score (weighted) seems to be challenging. Is it worth it to go for a "fair" weighted score instead of continuously finding the "good" or "very good" keyword? I'm...
  8. heaven1983

    Other Milestone 18 Subs. My daughter calls it a great number.

    Hi. I started my daughter's YouTube channel two weeks ago. We've got 18 subs right now and around 6 videos. Though subs are very small, we call it great because she calls it a lot. It's gets better from here, I think. :cool:
  9. heaven1983

    Vlog Channel Good Day! New YouTuber here!

    User name: heaven1983 Title of introduction: Good Day! New YouTuber here! Your name/ Alias: Allan Where are you from? Maryland How did you find TubeBuddy? Google What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Learn how to grow my daughter's YouTube account What would you like to accomplish with...