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  1. Blessing

    'Heaven is ashamed of you''- Pastor mocks Christians who wear facemask.

    Normally wont talk about this but I hate misleading advice so will address this issue. May God help us to know when a doctrine is wrong and misleading. My channel is about analysing trending issues around the world, but mostly africa. Watch and subcribe if you like what you hear. View...
  2. Blessing

    My book finally published

    Hi everyone, I did say I will inform everyone when my book is finally published. Well, it is out now on Amazon. If you are looking for a good book for Christmas read check it out. I have been busy the past 2 months working it on that is why I have been silent here. I am back and below is...
  3. Blessing

    Other Social Media Social Bluebook

    Good morning, Who knows what happened to the free social bluebook access we all had? I was trying to log in but it is requesting that I have to subcribe. Now that is not what I bargined for. It was free for some features, so what made them change. I mean, can't this apps help small vloggers a...
  4. Blessing

    Gear Advice Streamyard video result-- How do I improve quality

    Hello, I asked about multiple streaming gear and was adviced to use Streamyard or Prism. I did a video with stream Yard after subcribing to the channel but the quality of the video is not that impressive. Please can someone help me review the video and direct me what I need to do to improve...
  5. Blessing

    Need Advice What is associated accounts

    Hello, am at a point were I want to have another channel running incase anything happens to my current account. Was reading this up and I nitced that if your main account is closed all associated account will be affected. Now am a little confused, is this referring to acccounts that you opened...
  6. Blessing

    Mobile Gear Multiple streaming app- Mobile app

    Hello, Thanks in advance for answering my question. Please is there any multiple streaming app that you can recommend for me. I want to live stream an event but I was told there are apps that can help me stream on facebook and YouTube at the same time. Please anyone aware of a mobile app that...
  7. Blessing

    Editing Software Comment on video or Picture soft ware

    Hello, I want to start writing out some of my video so instead of talking I write down my comment on the picture. Pleass attached picture for what I mean. Any idea what app I can use for this?
  8. Blessing

    Other Social Media Wordpress blog website- apart from Adsense and Taboola what else?

    Hello, I have a wordpress site where I blog the news. Adsense is not placing advert on it as they keep coming up giving list of things to change. Taboola is like I need to have 500,000 views a day before. Anyone knows any other company that can place advert on my page and pay for the ads they...
  9. Blessing

    Facebook Ideas for generating money on facebook

    Can I play peoples advert on my facebook and charge them? Have a good number of followers and am thinking of how to make money off my facebook page.
  10. Blessing

    Other Social Media Social Bluebook

    Hi, Anyone used Social bluebook for brand endorsement? How does it work? Is it something useful to subcribe to based on your expereince? Have 3,000 more sub to hit 10,000 just planning for that time.
  11. Blessing

    Other Time off YouTube writing a book

    Hi everyone, Haven't been here for ages because I was writing a bo ***o****k. Gave myself a target to start a book during lockdown and wrote 50,000 words romantic crime novel which will be extended to 60-70,000 words through editting and illustration. Yeap!!! Funny this was that I carried all...
  12. Blessing

    YouTube Question Analysing other videos like movies/Talk show/News/

    Hello, I have seen people play a video like Steve Harvey talk show and analyse what he said or what happened. I have also seen a Dr Phil series being analysed. How do people do this? Is this allowed by Youtube without being striked for copy right? I heard something about putting the video in a...
  13. Blessing

    Opinion Self publishing with Amazon

    Have anyone self published with Amazon. Is this a good idea? I have used this 7 weeks at home to write a book. I am not expecting it to be a bestseller but people that have read it said it is good. If you know anything about Amazon self-publishing please help drop a line.
  14. Blessing

    Opinion Patreon--- How does patreon work.

    Opened a Patreon account last year but I don't know how to make use of it as my channel is more like trending news. Anyone using it? How does it work? Trying to spread my earning ability.
  15. Blessing

    YouTube Question What is your ads YouTube threshold for payment?

    So I set my ads threshold at $1000 because I want to use the money for a project. Just wondering what everyones own are
  16. Blessing

    YouTube Question Social blue and Socialblade

    Hello, Please which of this app would you recommend. I don't want to waste my money paying for subcriptions that people have used and it is not money worth. Is social blue good for brand endorsement and affliations? What is the the usefulness of social blade? Thanks everyone for all the help...
  17. Blessing

    YouTube Question Social Blade

    Hello, Have anyone used Socal blade before for their channel? How is it different from Tubebuddy and other SEQ app? Which app do people use to make their channel searcable on google? Thanks Blessing
  18. Blessing

    Need Advice Can I place paid ads banners on my video

    Hello, I have been approached by a company to use my social media platform to promote their product. Never done this before so just wondering if anyone have placed banner or ad on their video and is this allowed on Youtube/facebook? Thanks Blessing
  19. Blessing

    Channel Review Ideas on improving channel

    User name: Blessing Title of thread: Ideas on improving channel Self review: Started vlogging last year February. I fell like I am doing alright but I want to more so need to know what I need to imporve on. I have watched all tubebuddy trianing videos and I am learning everyday but ideas from...