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Search results

  1. Abhay

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Tell if the Search terms / keywords are common in Google and Youtube

    Since views come from both youtube and google. Following are the points 1. It will be best if the keyword explorer tells/show that the search term/keyword which we are analyzing is also searched in google. 2. Knowing this information will help to make a better decision for keyword selection as...
  2. Abhay

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Display Cost per Click and search volume and competition for keywords

    I Wish tubebuddy incorporate CPC and search volume and competition of the keywords in keyword explorer and youtube search bar as soon as we start typing. This will definitely help to fetch out high CPC keywords with low competition. This video with these keyword/keywords will probably get fewer...
  3. Abhay

    Work In Progress Thumbnail artificial intelligence

    Since it is important to increase CTR which ultimately depends on the thumbnail I wish TubeBuddy develope artificial intelligence (AI) to make thumbnails Following are the point 1. Autoanalyze thumbnails of the ranking videos on youtube and recommend colors, fonts size, etc to stand out 2...
  4. Abhay

    Editing Software Best alternatives to Filmora

    Any alternatives to wondershare filmora ?