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  1. AussieBangerz

    Other Social Media StoryFire

    Is anyone familiar with Storyfire.com ? I randomly stumbled across it recently but don't know too much. I've seen some comments claiming it to be the next YouTube/Instagram combo but I can't see much value in it myself..
  2. AussieBangerz

    Channel Banner Feedback Time to update my banner..

    Looking for some feedback. My channel is about Fragrance reviews. It's pretty laid back with a sense of humor. Didn't want to go overboard... Still deciding whether to change the background image or leave it so it doesn't interfere.. Should I be adding a few small bottles of perfumes or...
  3. AussieBangerz

    Video Review Green Screen advise

    User name: AussieBangerz Title of thread: Green Screen advise Self review: This video is my usual editing style, but this video was one of the first times I tried playing with my cheap green screen setup.. I am mainly looking for lighting feedback and any other general pointer.s Channel...
  4. AussieBangerz

    Beauty Channel An Aussie guy trying to smell good...

    User name: AussieBangerz Title of introduction: An Aussie guy trying to smell good... Your name/ Alias: Aussie Fragrance Where are you from? The beautiful Gold Coast, Australia How did you find TubeBuddy? From watching Nick Nimmin What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Just reaching out...