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  1. RobBalasabas

    Affiliate Question GUIDE: TubeBuddy Black Friday Guide for AFFILIATES

    Hi TubeBuddy Affiliates! Black Friday is just around the corner and we have an an awesome offer that you can promote, with your affiliate code. See the full guide below, along with a video from me that explains the special offer, and how you can create your special affiliate code. COMPLETE...
  2. RobBalasabas

    Affiliate Question Help you promote your TubeBuddy Affiliate link?

    Hi everyone, Rob here from the TubeBuddy Partnership Team. I manage our Affiliate Partnership Program and I would love to know... - What will help you with promoting your affiliate link to your audience? - Do you need assistance with ideas on strategies to market your affiliate link? - Are...
  3. RobBalasabas

    Affiliate Question Give a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL to your Audience, that includes your AFFILIATE LINK

    If you'd like to give away a 30-Day Free Trial to your audience, but still connect the sign-up to your TubeBuddy Affiliate link, you can do so by adding your affiliate code to the end of this link: https://www.tubebuddy.com/freetrial?a=<AFFILIATE-CODE> So for example, my affiliate code is...
  4. RobBalasabas

    Affiliate Question The 3 TubeBuddy Affiliate Levels

    First, if you haven't signed up to become a TubeBuddy Affiliate Partner yet, head to https://www.tubebuddy.com/affiliateprogram to get started (it's free and literally takes 15 seconds). There are THREE Affiliate Levels. Standard Affiliate 30% Recurring Commission, Lifetime $10 Minimum Payout...
  5. RobBalasabas

    Affiliate Question AFFILIATE RESOURCES: Promote "Click Magnet" Easier (Google Folder inside)

    Hey Partners! Rob here from the TubeBuddy Team. Here's an excellent opportunity to get new affiliate sign-ups, by sharing our new "Magnet Feature" with your audience and community. If you'd like to create tutorials or reviews of "Click Magnet", here's a Shared Google Folder with a bunch of...
  6. RobBalasabas

    Affiliate Question READ FIRST if You're a New Affiliate or New to the Affiliate Forum?

    Hey there! It’s Rob Balasabas here from the TubeBuddy Team. I’m the new Partnership Growth Manager on the team. If you're either new to the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program or to our Community Forum, then I'd love to say WELCOME on behalf of our entire team here at TubeBuddy. We want to make...
  7. RobBalasabas

    Affiliate Question How do you Promote your TubeBuddy Affiliate link?

    Hey everyone! Rob here from the TubeBuddy Team :) We're looking to make some improvements to our Affiliate Program, to help you make even more money through our Affiliate Program. We would love to hear how you are currently promoting your Affiliate links to your audience. Youtube Video...
  8. RobBalasabas

    Business Channel Anyone in VANCOUVER, Canada?

    User name: RobBalasabas Title: Anyone in VANCOUVER, Canada? Age: 25+ Type of collaboration: Meetup either at a coffee shop or casual restaurant. Amount of Subscribers: 505 Ways to contact you: Thread Reply Why should they collaborate with you: Hey everyone, Rob here from the TubeBuddy...