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  1. Scott Fichter

    Thumbnail Feedback Which Thumbnail to use or change?

    Your facial expression is good in the first and third one. Your expression in the second one does not match the situation that the text explains. Go as big as you can with your face and the text. See all the air to the right of your arm in the first one? Move yourself to the far right. Open up...
  2. Scott Fichter

    Subscriber Milestone 30,000 Subscribers!!!!

    HOLY COW! That is insane. You were at 20K just a few months ago.
  3. Scott Fichter

    Where are you from?

    Chadds Ford PA. The tail end of the Battle of Brandywine was fought on parts of my property.
  4. Scott Fichter

    TubeBuddy News TubeBuddy Express Reaches 100 Episodes!

    Based upon the quality of these videos this is one heck of an accomplishment.