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  1. Damo’s Paintings

    Life Weird stuff your kid/infant does

    My little girl seems to enjoy her music coming from her toys, as expected, bobbing and dancing up and down, but once she hears Bananarama’s “Venus”, she goes crazy over it, my girl was born last year, Venus is an 80s song, me, mind freeze, hmm maybe she likes the beat and tunes to it, dunno but...
  2. Damo’s Paintings


    Just stopping by to wish you all a Happy Halloween, stay safe and enjoy the candy, but not too much :blush: :party:
  3. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Opinion Is your content bringing ANY value to your viewers???

    So here you are building your channel and chucking on some videos that should bring in some views, and maybe some subs, you’re feeling great after hitting the publish button which now means your video is ON for all to see, right??? Not so fast! It isn’t as simple and easy as one may want to...
  4. Damo’s Paintings

    Subscriber Milestone 100!! With a treat from my wife

    100 subscribers!! Even though I’m not massively focused on things like this, it’s just a nice touch to the channel journey. Even better, the wife treated me to a bunch of beers.
  5. Damo’s Paintings

    Life Christmas Plans

    Yes I know it’s still a long way, but it’ll creep up quicker than you think, but anyways, what’s everyone planning for this years Christmas? Now I’d imagine after what 2020 served us, it’ll be different for sure, we’re probably gonna just do the same as our Halloween get together, usually we...
  6. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Tips Boosting or Promoting your channel | the pros and cons - my own thoughts on it

    So you’ve got a channel with enough content, your content, whatever it is, pulls some views, that’s great, but you want more, suddenly you spot this “boost” or “promote” button, bouncing right at your eyes, temptation starts to cloud your thought process, and you heavily consider it. But do you...
  7. Damo’s Paintings

    Subscriber Milestone 90 is not 100 BUT IT’S 90 SUBS THAT I GOT ORGANICALLY!

    It’s a slow and very tedious ride, but it’s one I’m having so much fun with, no Facebook or instagram boosts were involved with this, it was all my own sweat and tears that got me here, absolutely satisfied with this progress, next stop, 200 subscribers :blush:
  8. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Opinion Depressed about losing subscribers?? DON’T BE!!!

    We all have our different reasons for creating our channels, many stories can be found here (thanks @EnglishwithLiz ) https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/32840/ Yes I acknowledge that for us small players the journey, especially when just starting out, is going to be a long, hard...
  9. Damo’s Paintings

    Pineapple cocktail on the beach painting

    Well well, here’s a painting video of a cocktail coming together nicely, I’ve never done such a thing before so I consider this another great achievement :blush: View: https://youtu.be/_78yJ9CQaVs
  10. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Opinion What IS success???

    @Beanie Draws put out a fantastic thread, here it is: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/33187/ But something in that thread caught my eye, What is success to us? Quite often we are all deeply indulging in our content and focusing so hard on our channel growth that we are...
  11. Damo’s Paintings

    Channel Milestone 30 videos yeah boi!!

    Now this isn’t exactly a milestone to gloat about, but for me it was a hard road to get 30 oil painting videos uploaded, as opposed to something like 30 cat videos, but I got there, next uploads milestone: 50 videos :blush:
  12. Damo’s Paintings

    Going back to the wet-on-wet technique

    Painting cars is one thing, but sometimes you just gotta step away from that and let loose on a wet on wet painting, like below: View: https://youtu.be/RmtxNNKoXMU
  13. Damo’s Paintings

    Reaching out to any artist

    Any artist, whether on YouTube or not, is welcome to take part: View: https://youtu.be/CqIYR9Bxgbo
  14. Damo’s Paintings

    Easy sunset painting designed for beginners

    Another demonstration of a nice easy oil painting, this one struck a nerve as it’s from my home of little NZ, enjoy :) View: https://youtu.be/dJ8CufkWK3g
  15. Damo’s Paintings

    Movies/TV Which one are you from Silicon Valley?

    Just binge watched seasons 1-5 of Silicon Valley, and it got me thinking: which character is the most like YOU? Me, I saw myself in Jared (the tall one that always helps Richard).
  16. Damo’s Paintings

    McLaren F1 LM time lapse painting

    Please excuse the bad acting in the intro :laughing: View: https://youtu.be/uHLA-bleTIA
  17. Damo’s Paintings

    The final part of my Summer Beach painting

    Everything went well with this painting, the views were coming in left right and center, everyone that watched it and rode with me through this were all awesome, but like everything there is an end, so here’s part 4 of my Summer Beach painting. View: https://youtu.be/RmjYlwqAD7o
  18. Damo’s Paintings

    Summer Beach - this is part 3

    I only just spotted the error, the previous post showed it as part 3 when it should’ve been part 2, anyways here’s PART 3 View: https://youtu.be/Sx2UI89JUj4
  19. Damo’s Paintings


    You simply guess which movie the quote belongs to, BUT, once you guess you gotta post a movie quote, then someone else does the same and so on, I’ll start: “Nissan Skyline, got him”
  20. Damo’s Paintings

    Automotive Caption this

    Give me a caption for my BMW painting please. Make it funny, I need a good laugh right about now :)