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  1. People's Bookkeeper

    Question Spam Filter Issues

    Hey everyone! Just a question for anyone to answer who might have the same issue that I'm having. All of a sudden, my spam comments filter won't allow me to sort or do anything with those comments. Whenever I mouse over a comment, it automatically puts it back to my main comments. It's been...
  2. People's Bookkeeper

    New vid with shout-out for our boy Andrew Kan!

    Hey Andrew! My new video is all about choosing a channel name and I gave you a little shout-out, thought you might like to see my friend! View:
  3. People's Bookkeeper

    Opinion Least Favourite Niche

    Ok everyone, I gotta know! Which niche can you absolutely without a doubt NOT stand? No judgments at all, just simply state which channel styles you wish didn't exist hahaha!