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    YouTube Question Is it a copyright violation to do art tutorials of brands/characters (i.e. Disney characters)?

    I had a very similar problem with Red Bubble, my landscapes were 100% fine as they were my own works, but anything automotive was removed (I wasn’t clued up on IP until that), as I’m sure BMW or McLaren or any auto maker wouldn’t want me profiting off their designs, which I can say I agree with...
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    YouTube Question Does short video's watch time gets counted for monetization?

    You’re welcome, oh I’ve been busy with my daughter, she’s good at using up energy and time that I don’t normally have, organizing her first birthday, and just getting through a variety of other annoying tasks, but anyways I’m back on here :) :blush:
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    YouTube Question Does short video's watch time gets counted for monetization?

    Well, VidIQ did a video regarding this, apparently shorts videos will eventually be monetized, there’s even a trial going on with it now, just gotta keep ourselves up to date on it, all still new for YouTube.
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    YouTube Question Anyone else having comment sections disabled at random?

    Check to make sure you didn’t accidentally set your video to “yes it’s made for kids”, as I recently discovered on one of mine, or if you didn’t set it to that, just go in and make sure anyways, and just check in YouTube Studio any restrictions, if it says “none” then you should be fine and...
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    YouTube Question How long did it take you to find your voice?

    7-8 months later I’m still yet to be discovered, hey we all gotta start somewhere :blush: :)
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    YouTube Question Is it a copyright violation to do art tutorials of brands/characters (i.e. Disney characters)?

    What the hell, seriously? You know this is a thread about copyright stuff yeah?
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    TubeBuddy How many videos do yall update a week?

    Generally I go for once or twice a week, but haven’t done much lately.
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    Life Have you thought about your New Year goals/resolutions?

    Well, my New Years resolutions is to raise my daughter to the next level, she’s about to turn one, we’ve blasted each challenge that’s come, but now that she’s about to walk, well, new challenges rub hands while looking on at us, so I’ll be walking around parks and riverside places, and teaching...
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    YouTube News You MIGHT be getting ads weather you like it or not.

    Oh yes thank you ma man, I just came on to write up a little article about this, but I’ll leave my 4 cents worth here. The way I see it, there will no doubt be a nice mixture of pros and cons, but it seems somewhat many are focusing so much on the cons, and rightfully so, as YouTube hasn’t...
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    YouTube Question Is it a copyright violation to do art tutorials of brands/characters (i.e. Disney characters)?

    Well, I’ve painted a variety of super cars, and made videos on them being painted and uploaded to my channel, no problems with anything here, so you should be fine to make tutorial videos and uploading them to your channel. I’m not gonna get into all this stuff about copyright, just too much...
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    YouTube Opinion The 'DisLike' Button: What You Are Missing

    Another well written article! I got my first few dislikes through one of my short videos, did I care? No one ounce of care! I get spam comments too, but I think they’re just bots that want to send viewers to dodgy erotic sites, those I block for sure.
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    YouTube Question Need Help!! They are uploading my content on their channel.

    Don’t ignore them, GET EM!! That’s your work they’re taking, so why should they make money off someone else’s work, in this case your work! If someone took my work, and made money from it, I’d be chasing their A**! To put this into perspective, let’s take an average painting of mine: This...
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    YouTube Question Which type of traffic source is getting you views?

    I find browse features gives me the most views, or if it’s shorts, well, it’s shorts, but my videos always start with channel pages, but eventually change to whichever source provides.
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    YouTube Question How to grow my channel

    Also (adding my 4 cents worth), make good use of the search bar, as @SILTHW said, this is something that is always asked around here, tons of information can be found, but remember be patient with your channel, results won’t be instant, @Beanie Draws has given great channels with excellent...
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    YouTube Question Youtube performance anxiety?

    Hey there no need to fret, as you can see we’re all in the same boat, but I really couldn’t really care about how people, family or otherwise, would “judge” my stuff, I enjoy uploading videos, and am not afraid of being on camera despite looking like a cross breed of a horse and bugs bunny...
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    Video Research tag and keywords

    Yep, can’t remember which level is required to unlock SEO studio though, but keyword explorer is free to use albeit a few features won’t be available.
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    YouTube Question Election affecting views?

    I’ve noticed a big drop in views, I thought it was Halloween which it probably was in a way, I’m still getting something but the numbers are definitely lower, (Jeremy Clarkson care level) anyways back to the creating and uploading (Jeremy Clarkson smug look) :laughing:
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    Who Can Post Last?

    (Hold my beer) LAAASSSSTTTTT!!!
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    YouTube Question Is it wrong to request subscribers on other channel videos

    I’m the same, anything like that in my comments section will get removed, but not until I’ve taken a screen shot of it.
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    Video Research tag and keywords

    An easy and free way to do that is to simply use the search bar in YouTube, search whatever topic you’re trying to target, then see what the auto search comes back with, of course you won’t get an SEO score for it but it will give you some good keywords from what you searched, and give you...