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    How-To Channel Hello there, Everyone! I'm very happy to join the community!

    Welcome my friend! This is a super place and we're blessed to have you here! :D
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    Gaming Channel Hi! I am a new youtuber doing Fortnite vids.

    Welcome my friend! You found a magical place!! :D
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    Question Spam Filter Issues

    Hey guys, sorry for the delayed response. I actually don't think it's TubeBuddy at all, I think it's YouTube itself. I have no idea why it's doing this to me, but it's frustrating to say the least! I did disable TubeBuddy and other extensions and tried rebooting/refreshing, but it still does...
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    Question Spam Filter Issues

    Hey everyone! Just a question for anyone to answer who might have the same issue that I'm having. All of a sudden, my spam comments filter won't allow me to sort or do anything with those comments. Whenever I mouse over a comment, it automatically puts it back to my main comments. It's been...
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    Subscriber Milestone Just got my first 50 subs!

    Congrats my friend! Keep going! :D
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    Entertainment Channel Hi guys

    Welcome my friend! You're in good company! :)
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    Gaming Channel Epic Gamer

    Welcome Dylan :)
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    Opinion How Will Coronavirus End?!

    It's not going to end. The next phase will include mandatory vaccines and chipping of all humans across the world.
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    YouTube Question Have you had one of your videos go viral?

    Trending vids are a great way to grow quickly if you make good vids! Anything to do with celebrities etc usually gets you a lot of views. Personally I don't like those styles much but most other people do. I did a test video a while back and asked my audience to watch the video multiple times...
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    Official TubeBuddy Title Ladder! (Earn a FREE TubeBuddy Upgrade)

    There should be a badge based on the Terminator called "Come With Me If You Want To Upgrade" :)
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    Channel Milestone I've just hit 2,500 views

    You're welcome, it's a great achievement! :)
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    Channel Review Honest Feedback on my Channel Presentation?

    Hi Kales :) Congrats on getting your channel started, a lot of people never get that far so good job! Since you want honest feedback and most people who do are serious about wanting to improve their channels I'll happily chime in. None of this is meant to be hurtful in any way shape or form. I...
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    Who Can Post Last?

    Got ya beanie :)
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    Let's count to 10,000 :D

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    Never Ending Story -T

    however he was always looking for more friends who
  16. People's Bookkeeper

    Need Advice Increase subscribers

    Hi there my friend :) My recommendation is to engage every single person who leaves a comment and write back. Spend time giving thoughtful comments on other videos too, a lot of people will come check you out and often subscribe if they like your content. Best wishes to you my friend :)
  17. People's Bookkeeper

    YouTube Question Are you starting a channel for the money?

    Hi Josh :) They can go ahead and try, and maybe have a 1 in a million shot at growing quickly to the levels that could make them money. But it's extremely unlikely, so don't worry about the money part of it. That takes a long time. Do it for the love of doing what you do :)