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  1. Mario So

    Thumbnail Feedback Definitely spending a lot more time to think and improve my thumbnails

    Here is my thumbnail from my latest video. Thumbnail creating is now part of the workflow. It's as important as the video itself! Update. Here is the Title of the Video for context: Sony a7siii: What We Know So Far and Why I Might Not Be Getting It What are your thoughts?
  2. Mario So

    Answered Is anyone experiencing errors today with the Tubebuddy app? (May 9,2020)

    This is what I get: 2.4.17 n5zf4 Exception of Type 'TubeBuddy.Mobile.Data.Exceptions.HttpErrorException' was thrown. Error ID: TZZU0
  3. Mario So

    Channel Milestone 300 Subs +2 products to review for free. ;)

    I just wanted to share a small milestone. I started to upload consistently in November once a week (stopped for two weeks over the holidays) and have been very consistent since. I am a super small channel but a company contacted me a few months ago to review one of their products and recently...
  4. Mario So

    Epic Broll of Dalgona or Whipped Coffee (with Behind the Scenes)

  5. Mario So

    Channel Milestone First video to hit 1K views - Small milestone

    Kind of shocked to have my first video hit 1K views. I know this is small for many of you but for me it's pretty huge I must say. :) This community has been instrumental! ;)
  6. Mario So

    A Few Tips for Better Looking Video Calls (Zoom Meetings)

  7. Mario So

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnails BEFORE AND AFTER

    I have been realizing more and more the importance of thumbnails and thanks to all the comments here on a previous thread! I have been going back to old thumbnails and revitalizing them. Here are some samples. What are your thoughts...
  8. Mario So

    Need Advice Should I Change My Font?

    Hi all! Question about branding and fonts. I have been sticking to one font for all my thumbnails so far but thinking of switching to a different one. I don't think I really like my original pick anymore. Should I do it or just keep the same font? Would this affect branding/subtle continuity on...
  9. Mario So

    Step by Step Guide to Shooting Timelapses

    My first post in the Promotion area. If you are interested in learning how to shoot timelapses, please feel free to check this video out! :) View:
  10. Mario So

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail with Face or not?

    Hi tubebudy friends, I have been trying to experiment thumbnails without my face versus those with a shocked, funny, weird, face on them. But being a small channel I'm still having trouble figuring out which way works best for my channel. Any thoughts?
  11. Mario So

    Need Advice Should I create videos on topics that are over saturated on search?

    I have a few video ideas I would like to do but when I search for similar stuff on YouTube there is already a TON of similar videos. Should I just forget about them and go for something else or still make the videos to keep adding content to the channel? Thanks in advance!
  12. Mario So

    Subscriber Milestone I am finally over 100 subs!

    It took about 2.5 months but I'm finally over 100 subscribers! Didn't think this little milestone would happen anytime soon!
  13. Mario So

    Educational Channel Bit the bullet and started a Youtube channel! (Filmmaker and content creator)

    User name: Mario So Title of introduction: Bit the bullet and starting a Youtube channel! (Filmmaker and content creator) Your name/ Alias: Mario Where are you from? Toronto, Canada How did you find TubeBuddy? I heard about Tubebuddy through Salma Jafri and Nick Nimmin. What made you join...