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  1. Jeffrey Powers

    YouTube Opinion Update Your Old Videos Day

    If you want more subs, more views, more likes, then sometimes it's all about straightening up what you already have out there. Yesterday, I saw a video I posted last year jump up in analytics (mostly due to holiday shopping). I went to that video, and found it to be vastly outdated in SEO...
  2. Jeffrey Powers

    YouTube Question YouTube Interface Delay

    Is it just me, or does everyone have a "YouTube Delay"? It always feels like the interface is laggy. I select any drop-down, or choose a tag, or even select on "Description" or "Title". It takes over a second for a reaction. Makes it tougher to check boxes and move quickly in the editing phase...
  3. Jeffrey Powers

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Line Spacing in Text in Thumbnails

    I would really love to see line spacing in Thumbnails. I think the spacing is too wide, and end up creating multiple lines of text to bring the description together better. Thank you.
  4. Jeffrey Powers

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Chapter Marker Helper

    Not sure how this would work, but I am thinking Chapter Markers. It adds to search results, and can boost your view times because you're giving out bite-sized information. Let's brainstorm a tool that can help with those chapter markers so they're easier to create. Also, is there a way to...
  5. Jeffrey Powers

    Chapter Markers, Hashtags, and Channel URLs

    Last night I posted a video about Chapter Markers, Hashtags, and Channel URLs. These three things add a ton of SEO into your YouTube videos. Especially with chapter markers, where your videos could start showing up on the chapter over the main video. It's important to note that YouTube...
  6. Jeffrey Powers

    Question What's with the Discord Server?

    So I am perplexed as to what the idea is. The rules state to post in a thread that doesn't exist on the server, and I only go in when someone hit @Everyone or @Here. I see lots of people, but no conversations.
  7. Jeffrey Powers

    YouTube Tips YouTube SEO: Hashtags and Youtube Links to Build

    First of all, if you can get your vanity URL in YouTube, do it. You need 100 subs, channel is 30 days old, and you uploaded artwork. It's important to link back into YouTube as much as possible. Just like with a website, placing a few internal links to other pages, posts, and categories keeps...
  8. Jeffrey Powers

    TubeBuddy Suggestion TubeBuddy "Showroom" Page

    So I'm trying to show people how to use TB using their accounts, but connecting to their accounts is kinda messy for my profile. I would like to see a page on the TB interface, where I can log in, and enter their channel information, or a video, and get a mock YT page of their channel or video...
  9. Jeffrey Powers

    Answered Connecting to Another Account

    I am helping another YouTuber, and want to show them the features of TB. They set me up as Editor on their YT channel. Issue is, I cannot sign in and add their account to my list. I am guessing it's the Editor status. If not, how would I go about adding their channel to my TB list?
  10. Jeffrey Powers

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Font Resize

    So in YouTube's ultimate decision, they only will control the size of the font in text is with the CTRL+ or CTRL- options. This is pointless as if you do that, it resizes the whole screen. The font becomes a jumbled mess. I notice in the CSS the font-size, line-height, and font spacing can all...
  11. Jeffrey Powers

    Gear News Canon Releases EOS Webcam Beta Software

    Yesterday, Canon announced they've created software that will turn your DSLR into a webcam with this new software. It's only for Windows at the moment, but the install was super easy. Download is here EOS, Vixia, and Powershot cameras can be connected to Zoom, Skype, OBS, Wirecast, vMix, and...
  12. Jeffrey Powers

    YouTube News Famebit Shuttering Part of it's Service

    Famebit used to be so cool to make a few extra $$. Then, just like any other service that gets bought out, went to heck in a bandhasket. Just got the email that FB is closing the "Proposal" section of the service, and only catering to creators 25k or better. If you have any sponsor dollars on...
  13. Jeffrey Powers

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Re-Tweet Spreadsheet

    So I have Hootsuite, and a cool feature that lets me schedule future tweets. I am going to push this more in 2020, to try and drive more cross traffic. But putting together even 3 tweets a day for 365 days is tough. I was thinking - A option to schedule Tweets. So when I post a video, I can...
  14. Jeffrey Powers

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Replace a Video

    So I've been thinking about this - I've had a couple videos where I had a major screwup, or I've actually updated for the current time. I don't want to take down the original, so I end up setting to "Unlisted" so the viewers still can get to it. Case in point: In 2014 I created "Netflix...