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  1. SimulatorMike

    Subscriber Milestone 100 Subscribers

    Hit 100 Subscribers Today! Thank You Tubebuddy Family for all the help and support along the way! Next Goal 200!
  2. SimulatorMike

    The Gyrocopter!

    View: https://youtu.be/02fzLaKBQG8
  3. SimulatorMike

    YouTube Question Subs or Views?

    With Youtube's current algorithm , what is more important. Subscribers or Views?
  4. SimulatorMike

    Latest in my Stranded Deep Series

    I love this game. I can't wait to do more. View: https://youtu.be/1viPzowTmSA
  5. SimulatorMike

    Other Social Blade Stats

    Can any of the monetized and larger (1000+) creators comment on how accurate social blade is? I see they have a projections tab on their app and I was wondering how true this prediction is? I know their revenue feature is open for debate cause it will say the creator makes $5 to $500,000 a month...
  6. SimulatorMike

    Need Advice Am I Uploading to Much?

    Currently, I upload 3 different game title videos a day. Is this too much? Looking at the analytics one of my games does 63.4% of my views, the next 36.5%, and the last game .2% Should I just do one a day or maybe the top 2 and abandon the third? Thoughts? I'm thinking just the top two since...
  7. SimulatorMike

    Channel Milestone Getting There!

    Started March 10, 2020. 25 uploads to date. 9 subscribers...on pins and needles waiting to hit 10! 84 views. 3.0% CTR 45.2% from Youtube Search. Hoping it takes off!!!
  8. SimulatorMike

    Gaming Facebook Unpublished my gaming channel Page!

    I just appealed so crossing my fingers, I do not see where I have done anything, other than promote my gaming videos and games I play. LOL Fingers crossed.
  9. SimulatorMike

    YouTube Help 0% Processed

    Have had no issues with Youtube until today, a video that normally would take maybe 15 minutes to process took 30 mins. Now I uploaded a video a few hours ago and it's still at 0% processing, I waited an hour and tried uploading again and its been at 0 for an hour. Is there a way to fix this...
  10. SimulatorMike

    Channel Review BE 100% REAL - ONLY WAY I GROW

    User name: SimulatorMike Title of thread: BE 100% REAL - ONLY WAY I GROW Self review: Need to break out of my shell and talk more in videos. Maybe add facecam! Thumbnails can be tweaked. Learn better tagging and keywords using tubebuddy Channel review or Video review? Channel review Link to...
  11. SimulatorMike

    Gaming Channel Best Simulator Channel Ever Made!

    User name: SimulatorMike Title of introduction: Best Simulator Channel Ever Made! Your name/ Alias: Mike Where are you from? San Diego California How did you find TubeBuddy? other youtube channels What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? want to meet others and grow What would you like to...