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  1. Legacy

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  2. Legacy

    Editing Software How do you balance lighting in videos?

    Adjusting the brightness and contrast in the video through the editor can help with lighting issues, as well as adjusting the white balance. I also recommend trying to work in some natural light to help with lighting.
  3. Legacy

    Entertainment Channel Horror stories . Fictional and some are true!

    Hi there and welcome to the community forums! I hope you are doing well as well as your friends, family,and everyone else you care about. Your channel is perfect for Halloween right now since it's coming up fast :) I also just really enjoy science fiction and supernatural stuff, and maybe a...
  4. Legacy

    Movies/TV What do you enjoy watching most OUTSIDE of YouTube.

    I watch a lot of Netflix outside of YouTube. My favorite type of stuff to watch is Science Fiction (Stranger Things, the 100, etc). I also enjoy watching the Flash on TV and on Netflix ( I'm waiting for it to come back on tv in 2021). I'm also into all of the Marvel movies. I'm actually stuck at...
  5. Legacy

    Question What else I need for forum badge

    Post on the badge thread following the instructions given there. There are lots of posts on there as examples of what to do on that topic too. https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/11/unread
  6. Legacy

    Vlog Channel Little Youtuber

    Hi Nami! Welcome to the tubebuddy community forums! I was gonna help you add the subscriber button to the bottom of your messages, but it looks like you've already figured out how to do that. Good job! There are some very useful threads here and a lot of friendly people who have good tips to...
  7. Legacy

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Act 5.3 Easy Paths in 2020 on Marvel Contest of Champions View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyy12ECLjPg&ab_channel=Legacy
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    Educational Channel STOCK MARKET TRADER

    Welcome to the community forums! Make sure to check out the rules before posting to get the most out of the forums! I wish you luck on growing your channel and hope to see you around on here so you can learn tips to help your channel out and so that you make friends. You may notice that you...
  9. Legacy

    Channel Review How is my SEO throughout my channel?

    Hi there Itstom! After looking over your videos, I can definitely tell you are using keywords in your title and descriptions to help boost your SEO score, especially with newer videos. For example, on your newest upload (Fortnite, Apex, Hyper Scape....) you have a fully filled out description...
  10. Legacy

    Vlog Channel Art Channel

    Welcome to the community forums! I actually enjoy art too (I do paintings), but that's not what my channel is about, so I think it's cool that you are sharing your art on your Youtube channel :) Don't forget to check out the rules and enjoy the forums :) Hope to see you around
  11. Legacy

    Subscriber Milestone 5000 SUBSCRIBERS!

    Congrats on 5000 subscribers! That's halfway to 10,000! Keep it up and good luck as your journey continues :)
  12. Legacy

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  13. Legacy

    Educational Channel Maths Classes with Kamal Mam

    Hi Kamal! Welcome to the TubeBuddy community forums! I hope you're doing well as well as your family, friends, and everyone else you care about! I think it's really cool that you post lectures on your YouTube and you want to share them with people beyond just your students. Math is definitely...
  14. Legacy

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  15. Legacy

    Beauty Channel Help videos

    Welcome to the community forums! Hope to see you around :)
  16. Legacy

    Lifestyle Channel GET TO KNOW ME!

    Hi there and welcome to the Tubebuddy forums! I hope you are doing well as well as everyone else you care about (your friends, family, etc). I hope you stick around the forums so that you can learn some tips that could help out your channel, and so that you can make some friends here. Good luck...
  17. Legacy

    Channel Banner Feedback Best app for banner

    I used a website called Pixlr to make my channel banner. It's free, and has a lot of options so that you can make a good looking channel banner.
  18. Legacy

    Answered Active user awardt

    You need to get your tubebuddy badge (looks like this): but it will be based on what level you have of TubeBuddy (If you are just using the free version it will be User. If you are using the star level it will be Star instead of pro, etc). You have to post in this topic to get your badge once...
  19. Legacy

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    How to get 5 and 6 Star Shards When Starting Act 5 on MCOC View: https://youtu.be/51bcHSobfkw
  20. Legacy

    YouTube Question Views

    Sometimes Youtube still has to process the views your video is getting. I have noticed this as well with some of my newer videos that have done better from the start of when they were uploaded than some of my other videos I had posted.