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  1. EnglishwithLiz

    How-To Channel Crochet and Fashion Designer

    Olá, Milena. My Portuguese is non existent, so have you thought of English subtitles on your videos? I am sure it will help you build your audience.
  2. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Opinion Why? What's in it for your audience? Or is it just for your own ego.

    I think that it is essential that you do make some self serving videos, it is part of the learning process of what not to do. So what does 'success' look like for me, well I am certainly not there yet, but I believe that it will be recognition as a great teacher by my students. I achieved this...
  3. EnglishwithLiz

    Entertainment Channel Psychic/Empath tarot reader in the house!

    I suspect there are many tarot channels, so you need to stand out. Maybe your assets could be the attraction that makes your channel unique? Just a thought :)
  4. EnglishwithLiz

    Video Review New experiment - Video within a Video - Good idea???

    Thank you so much for taking the time and a super helpful review. I will take your ideas onboard :)
  5. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Question Another YouTube Tags question

    Many thanks, much appreciated. I had checked the channel not the video doh!
  6. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Question Another YouTube Tags question

    I put hashtags on all my YT videos with no problems by entering 3 max in the description. However, just posted a vertical video with #short and it is now just showing my location as Asia under the video where the hashtags normally appear. Does anyone know why? Is it because YT short video app...
  7. EnglishwithLiz

    Entertainment Channel Psychic/Empath tarot reader in the house!

    Hiya Tiff Welcome on board. Had a quick look at your Libra video and thought you might appreciate some constructive feedback as we are all on a learning journey. If not, just ignore it. Let me say upfront, I haven't a clue about Tarot, so don't know the normal format used, but I would love...
  8. EnglishwithLiz

    Video Review New experiment - Video within a Video - Good idea???

    User name: EnglishwithLiz Title of thread: New experiment - Video within a Video - Good idea??? Self review: I am trying to develop more upbeat and engaging teaching videos, so created a fast paced video within the lesson to highlight vocabulary and issues on the subject. I think the video...
  9. EnglishwithLiz

    Vlog Channel Odia Vlog

    Welcome Bicky. I have a love affair with India as I just love the culture, people and the vibe, and pre covid tried to visit as often as possible, but I had not heard of Cuttack. Looks beautiful. Good luck with your channel
  10. EnglishwithLiz

    Educational Channel Dr Aman

    Welcome Aman. Your channel looks like it has made a very good start. Particularly loved the acting at the start of the CPR video.
  11. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Help Giveaway Goof--Need Help!

    This is potentially the problem with running competitions. So a little more detail. In the UK there are a host of rules and regs that have to be followed, and having run competitions in the past for other businesses, they can be a total pain. There are people out there who prey on companies...
  12. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Help Giveaway Goof--Need Help!

    To avoid any future conflict, bad comments, reviews etc. I would not select another winner put it down to experience and maybe do another giveaway a few months down the track but not associated with this one. More importantly, do you think the giveaway generated any extra views & subs?
  13. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Question Weird new likes show up daily

    I would just hold all comments for review and then delete the spam. It works for me :)
  14. EnglishwithLiz

    Lifestyle Channel What's up guys, Jonny here, in this post I'll be talking about me and my channel

    Welcome Jonny Just watched your latest video. I'd love to be skinny Ha ha - Good luck with your channel
  15. EnglishwithLiz

    Video Review Honest feedback wanted — how can I make this video more entertaining?

    My take:- Pros - lighting, sound, editing and you were all great Cons - pace. For me you over explain and this leads to me switching off. My recommendation would be go back to you planning stage and set yourself the challenge to make the video as short as possible without losing meaning. I...
  16. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Tips Face or Faceless channel. which is Best??

    Depends on the face....... only joking. As @Damon said, it is all about audience engagement, which in the majority of cases will be about creating that personal connection which is far more easily achieved by showing your 'boat race' :)
  17. EnglishwithLiz

    How do you store all the videos you create?

    It would probably help if I understood what half of you are doing lol :D For me simplicity is the key, but also do not rely on one method. So all mine backup automatically to Google Drive and iCloud simultaneously. Simples!
  18. EnglishwithLiz

    Prepare A Plan for the Long Term

    Just like any other business, the 'customer is king'. If you do not grasp that in any business you will struggle
  19. EnglishwithLiz

    Gaming Channel Hi Guys, i'am a new content creator, I just started a few months ago, nice to meet you and don't forget to subscribe my channel sorry for my poor eng

    Hiya and welcome. Had a quick look at your latest videos and first up, I am no expert on gaming channels, but wouldn't it be better to have on screen commentary with tips & tricks?.. Also maybe introduce yourself (I know that can be difficult) or at least tell viewers up front, what they can...
  20. EnglishwithLiz

    Lifestyle Channel am just a gentle guy that love to make a positive change in my generations

    Watched your latest video ( I was a kid when the first film came out lol). Just think you need to explain what your channel is about. Here is a great place to pick up tips on how to construct a channel that has appeal and growth potential. God bless you in your quest to escape from poverty.