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  1. ernel2020

    YouTube Question VIDEO EDITING

    Hi, guys. I received a suggestion from YT team in order to get approval of my monetization application. However, they told me to either edit or delete the video, and change video metadata. I understand how to change the metadata but the video editing is my issue now on the existing videos that...
  2. ernel2020

    YouTube Question Number of Subscribers on YT Channel

    Hello guys, why is it the number of total numbers on YouTube studio is not the same number appearing on my channel?
  3. ernel2020

    YouTube Question Video Contents

    Hello, guys! What would happen if I set some of my videos to private? Would the views and hours still can be counted by the YT algorithm? I've realized that there are videos which are irrelevant to my channel. What can I exactly do with these?
  4. ernel2020

    Hello, guys! I'm back after the busy days...

  5. ernel2020

    Answered Number of videos allowed to post per day

    Hello, guys. I'm back. I was just too busy a few days ago with my online home learning with my kids. By the way, how many videos are allowed to post per day at the promotion section? I was just doubtful. Thank you, guys!
  6. ernel2020

    In Progress Trophy

    Hello, guys! What would be the benefits of a certain member having a lot of trophies in this community? Thank you.
  7. ernel2020

    Entertainment Channel TOP AND BEST STUFFS

    User name: ernel2020 Title: TOP AND BEST STUFFS Age: 20-50 Type of collaboration: I am requesting someone to collaborate with me on different entertainment stuffs in life like Tik Tok, Poetry, education, Gaming, people and blogs, travels and events, etc. Amount of Subscribers: From 500 - up Ways...
  8. ernel2020

    Subscriber Milestone 100k Subscribers Milestone Dream

    Would it be possible to reach a goal of 100k milestone subscribers? What do you think, guys?
  9. ernel2020

    Answered Does the activation of a subscriber button would take minutes or hours?

    Hi, all. I'm done adding with my channel ID, but I'm wondering why I could not find the subscriber button.
  10. ernel2020

    Answered Subscriber Button

    Where can I find the subscriber button, guys? I'm just a neophyte here. Thank you.
  11. ernel2020

    Entertainment Channel Fan of Top and Best Stuffs in the world

    User name: ernel2020 Title of introduction: Fan of Top and Best Stuffs in the world Your name/ Alias: Mr Nheil Where are you from? Philippines How did you find TubeBuddy? YouTube What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I love to learn more crucial things in the community of YouTube and I...