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  1. Stanley Orchard

    Question How do I get more watch hours?

    Absolute best answer. Period.
  2. Stanley Orchard

    Gear Opinion Free Gear

    If you have spent much time making videos on YouTube at some point you are liking going to come across the advertisements for free gear in your emails. Strangely I do not see many questions about this, though there is a lot of information to unpack. What Is Happening When you recieve one of...
  3. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Opinion What IS success???

    Could not have said it better myself... loved this post sir! Well done! I couldn't sum up success into one thing versus another. I know money is a factor, and when measured against other creators at my level I am proud of what we have been able to earn. But I don't judge anybody for their...
  4. Stanley Orchard

    Other Social Media StoryFire

    Yes! Great topic, I would very much enjoy the input we can get on this subject. Im not a McJuggernuggets fan, and while I respect what he has done i dont trust him to be the guy to start an alt platform. Otherwise I appreciate what it has provided for content creators who have had monetization...
  5. Stanley Orchard

    Work In Progress looking for opinions on overlay idea

    That is such a hard thing to judge. I couldn't say one way or another (who could?). Really need to AB test it. I used to use a weird white border to give my thumbs a different shape in search (problem was dark mode lol). Nobody ever had a single good thing to say about those thumbs... but...
  6. Stanley Orchard

    Need Advice How do i make my viewers to sub to my channel? I have 4.8k watch hours but just 198subs in the last 4 months.

    Fantastic advice above. As usual Beanie really nailed it. I would emphasize the point that in order to get someone to subscribe you need to give them a compelling reason to do so. .getting someone to watch your videos isn't all that hard. A clever thumbnail, some SEO research and a creatuve...
  7. Stanley Orchard

    Need Advice Promotion by other YouTube channels/Influencers

    You know what is highly undervalued? Being the 'big guy.' Everybody wants a shout-out from the big creators in the hopes it will help grow their audience. As I said earlier that isn't exactly how the shout-out typically works. But what DOES work is BEING the big guy in a collaborative effort...
  8. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Opinion Why? What's in it for your audience? Or is it just for your own ego.

    Man i could not agree more. And granted, I've fallen into the 'self-serving' content myself. But if anybody REALLY wants to take that 'next-level' step towards being truly grest on platform there is few things more powerful than making the switch to viewer-value video. The 'Trip-V.' And yeah...
  9. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question does the green tick Imoji stop my Channel titles being searched and found ?

    Emojis count as characters and are therefore searchable just like anything else, just with less effect as they hold no pertinence to your topic. So i believe that rumor to be false. The rumor likely stems from an issue YouTube has with excessive emoji use in livestream chat (and comments?)...
  10. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Tips Face or Faceless channel. which is Best??

    I am not a fan of pigeon-holing anything, especially early on. Questions like this dont point you in the direction of a correct answer so much as they alienate an option. The best thing you can do is experiment... try different formats. Always improve what you do and see how your audience...
  11. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Tips How to increase watch hours?

    While those numbers are a fair representation of average video length across platform I dont think anyone should adhere to that simply because that's what everyone else does @Ameen. One of the things I look at when I do tutorials is the length of the videos currently topping the search for...
  12. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Help Giveaway Goof--Need Help!

    my approach would be to make a follow-up video explaining to my audience the goof. Apologize to the original winner (and explain they can get in touch via FB etc to chat as needed) but run the contest again. One of the most engaging things you can do is to show humility by explaining your goof...
  13. Stanley Orchard

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail and artwork feedback

    This is REALLY nice work man. I am enjoying your channel top to bottom. SOLID approach to your niche here. Taking the Celtic angle and focusing on JRPG let's plays is a really cool concept. I watched a bit of your last video, and I gotta say that your intro is next level. In fact the thing...
  14. Stanley Orchard

    Prepare A Plan for the Long Term

    Man emphasis on the viewer could be an article in and of itself. Well said @Andrew thank you sir!
  15. Stanley Orchard

    Prepare A Plan for the Long Term

    Thank you ma'am!
  16. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question total number of videos

    The total number absolutely makes a difference, if done correct. If you are researching keywords and creating evergreen content then all of the videos will be working for you at the same time, and the more the merrier.
  17. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question is it true your first 100 subs is the slowest

    The best thing you can do is make 100 videos. You will 100X the traffic and the amount of subs coming in!
  18. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question What will happen if I put all my live streaming under Unlisted?

    Ok, this is actually what I would consider a 'next-level' intelligent thing to do, but more so for certain circumstances. If you mainly livestream then this is a bad idea. It will leave your channel looking desolate and you need to show prospective followers that you make a lot of content. So...
  19. Stanley Orchard

    Prepare A Plan for the Long Term

    I think this is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated aspects of good content creation. Having a long-term plan is so essential. There is a common sentiment that Content Creators 'blow up overnight' or that all it takes is 'one video' to make it, and this mindset completely ignores...