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  1. Damon

    Community No more automatic sharing on Twitter

    Doesn't affect me because I manually post to LinkedIn and Pinterest anyway. Twitter and Google+ won't be a bother at all.
  2. Damon

    Tools The public domain grows in 2019

    Yeah, I've found several fly fishing books from that time. Might be good to get a couple, make a new edition, and go for it.
  3. Damon

    Question Has Youtube's Studio Beta become slugish for you?

    Yeah, I hate the editor. I much prefer the classic studio for managing the videos. However, the beta is way better for analytics. There has to be a way to combine the two.
  4. Damon

    Question Is anybody here a vegetarian or vegan?

    I wholeheartedly disagree, and this discussion is totally dead. I'm out.
  5. Damon

    First trip 2019!

  6. Damon

    Question Is anybody here a vegetarian or vegan?

    So, you're saying I should shut down my entire YouTube channel--a fishing channel? Killing a human being is different than killing an animal because human being are far more valuable than animals. And somehow you've forgotten the entire sacrificial system God himself implemented to cover the...
  7. Damon

    Afro Puff -- Multi Species Fly Fishing

  8. Damon

    Question How far gone is YouTube...

    hehe! I'll give you that one!
  9. Damon

    Question How far gone is YouTube...

    Dude, do you realize how you sound?
  10. Damon

    Opinion I've decided! Blackmagic Video Assist FTW

    Na, I have to finish saving the money to by the thing, lol!
  11. Damon

    Channel Milestone 4,500 views Milestone

    That's good. Keep it going!
  12. Damon

    Question What focal length are you shooting at these days?

    Yeah, when I'm out on the boat 24mm is barely wide enough. The M43 chip doesn't help in that regard. I've totally ignore crop factors and all that. Most of the time 24mm is what I use because I don't have a wireless microphone to do talking head stuff from a distance. But for most everything...
  13. Damon

    Question What focal length are you shooting at these days?

    I find myself shooting at 50mm more and more. and using the 70-210mm zoom more as well. I've been using wide angle lenses less and less. Not sure why. I think the 24mm is good for basic hey-look-at-where-I-am, but I prefer the telephoto look for ost everything else. I guess that's the M43 excels...
  14. Damon

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

    We haven't broken a1,000 yet!? Anyway, 438.
  15. Damon

    Opinion I've decided! Blackmagic Video Assist FTW

    I've been going back and forth on getting an external recorder for my GH4 vs buying a new camera. Wisdom says get rent a few cameras or recorders and decide that way. For me and the way I work, I'd rather buy an external recorder because I hate the process of buying a camera. I'd rather rig what...
  16. Damon

    Seeking Advice Shocking discovery! Data doesn't care about your feelings

    Yeah, that's why I seldom take advice. If the data tells me something, that's the advice I need, not anyone's opinion. The real advice most people need is how to gather, interpret and apply data. The great thing is that Google/YouTube has built the greatest data gathering scheme known to man...
  17. Damon

    Suggested Errors?

    Yeah, I've had problems like this on the music thing. It never goes through.
  18. Damon

    Multi Species Fly Fishing Overview

  19. Damon

    Seeking Advice Roberto's YouTube Starter Kit?

    Hey, have any of you used Roberto's YouTube Starter Kit for Thumbnails, artwork and such? I just found that we get a discount for TubeBuddy. I tend to be a bit slow with these things. I'm just not a graphics designer, while my thumbnails have gotten better, I'm looking to get even better.