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  1. kunicross

    Community Is There A Big Difference Between Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro?

    That's the whole business plan - they make more money the less products you use - the real Adobe power users are happy because they can have it all and cheaper and Adobe can squeeze more money out of those people who in the past went with one version and only upgraded every couple of years or never.
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    Bought my first "editing" computer, my wife is gonna kill me

    Blender is used quite a lot too as far as I know but it might be due to it being free software. The Adobe After effects + Adobe premier combo is often mentioned by top tier youtubers recently but I don't know if it's really the best for us low tiers to want to have. For example Linus tech...
  3. kunicross

    Bought my first "editing" computer, my wife is gonna kill me

    Blender, hit Film pro l, wax 2.0 At least that is what a short Google search spit out for Adobe after effects alternatives I had downloaded blender once for intro experimentation but never got really into it - maybe someone here can point out how many times better after effects is or what...
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    Bought my first "editing" computer, my wife is gonna kill me

    That all is part of the big gap between "professional" and "normal user" software. If you are a business / big youtube channel / advertisement agency / full time professional editor the costs for a professional software are just part of normal business expenses and no big deal. I work a lot...
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    Forum News TubeBuddy Forums 2.0!

    Any update? Most frequent forum users did work around the issue with a signature but it was a extremly convinient and nice feature and I've had occasions already where I wanted to check out someone's channel and wasn't able to find it.
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    Bought my first "editing" computer, my wife is gonna kill me

    Maybe you can get some tax benefit for your wife from it - could be a way to survive the whole thing. But in the end telling the wrong price is what's going to get you killed in the end, never a good idea to outright lie to a spouse.
  7. kunicross

    Opinion New Youtube rules for Custom Thumbnails

    As long as there is no nipple... Overall it's probably an improvement because before they would have removed the whole video maybe just because of the thumbnail. I think as long as you stay from graphic violence and nudity you're most likely safe.
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    Strategy Why You Should Disconnect Social Bluebook

    I noticed they have become kinda spammy with their emails recently
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    Community Copyright

    Actually look what sums are payed for television and streaming rights on sport events - they very clearly fall under copyright law. The only way you could use them would be for news with snippets that could fall under fair use. If it's a smaller, local event wich is not televised check with...
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    Question Why I have to pay for a license if its considered as "Free"?

    I'm always worried with 3rd parties selling your licenses if they actually have a long time license from the original IP owner to sell those licenses...
  11. kunicross

    Question different font in youtube play button award?

    I think 100k once in the past was a special think but there are many many channels above that mark worldwide so the whole scale is different - I guess it's most likely either a change of manufacturer and maybe also for cost saving + bulk production.
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    Tools The public domain grows in 2019

    Get well soon!
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    Community Tubecon event-series europe

    Quite intersting - traveling to the US. For a convention is not really a option for smaller European creators. Something like a event shedule would be nice for the website.
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    Community No more automatic sharing on Twitter

    Yea especially with my multiple YouTube channels it helped a bit staying in touch - I guess with community tab and such YouTube does get more functionality that replaces Twitter and Co but not everyone has access to that. I personally never really "got" twitter I´m usually over talkative but...
  15. kunicross

    Question I got to 56 Subscribers and my subscriber count reset to 0, anyone else have this problem? Fix?

    If you lost 56 subs you should be able to see in the analytics where they went away - there just was a big cleanup of dead and fake accounts. Also it could only be a display issue, you could post some pictures from your analytics if you have troubles interpreting them.
  16. kunicross

    Life Maybe It's Time To Accept Reality

    If its more stress than fun something is going wrong - I too sometimes have a hard time keeping myself creating stuff. I do a regular vlog series for over a year now its not really watched that much but its more about keeping myself from going totally inactive in the worst times. Also...
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    Question Why I have to pay for a license if its considered as "Free"?

    It´s like those free pictures but you have to pay shipping - sometimes its just a marketing ploy and sometimes it´s a con - it might be a bit better nowadays since sinister people get called out faster. If you look for free music and Sound effects the YouTube audio library does work fine...
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    Tools The public domain grows in 2019

    Cerainly interesting looking into them and see what changed and what stayed the same in those 95 years.
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    Suggested Shouldn't my subscription cover my multiple channels?

    Actually if you pay for a subscription you can use the tubebuddy app for free which covers all your channels (of course that has some limitations). If your channels are all rather small you can use all the perks for getting a cheaper license and if they aren't you still can get a discount - I...
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    Community No more automatic sharing on Twitter

    I guess you all have read your email that automatic sharing on Twitter and Google+ will be discontinued. Does this affect you? I was a bit sad they removed automatic sharing on Facebook way back and I found Twitter in some cases to be a better tracking tool than YouTube notifications (despite...