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  1. Kari B

    YouTube Tips How to get more subscribers

    @issabelle leo I'm definitely finding I get more subscribers the more videos I put out, I've gone from one or two a month in the early days to one or two a day now. I think because people have a better idea of what you're channel is about the bigger library you have.
  2. Kari B

    YouTube Tips How to get more subscribers

    Check out this video on SEO by TB, it should teach you everything you need to know View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAqfpr91CCA&t=15s
  3. Kari B

    Thumbnail Feedback How can I make it better?

    That's looking good. I like @kitchen c/o ammama idea of using your profile picture, it's friendly and professional looking. If you take a few more pictures for future use, maybe stand a little to the right so you are slightly off centre, it will give you more room for text without cutting off...
  4. Kari B

    Thumbnail Feedback How can I make it better?

    You're welcome. Check out Sunny's channel. I think her yellow thumbnails really pop - https://www.youtube.com/c/SunnyLenarduzzi/featured If you are teaching English, maybe you could make red, white and blue your theme.
  5. Kari B

    Thumbnail Feedback How can I make it better?

    I would try using brighter colours because those are a little dark and don't really pop. I would remove the red X, it looks a little out of place and doesn't really add anything. Have you thought about turning it into a question - Do you use 'said' too often? Questions help to draw people in...
  6. Kari B

    Gear Question Are you a Mac, or a PC?

    100% PC, but if you want to buy me a MAC I'd be happy to give it a go and let you know what I think. ;)
  7. Kari B

    YouTube Resources Instagram

    I put my channel link as my website address - I tried updating it for each video but it was a bit of a faff. I share my thumbnail, a brief description, and put 'channel link in bio'. I get the best engagement if I have been posting other related pictures that week. For example, with my...
  8. Kari B

    Lifestyle Channel Cruising Wild Child

    That sounds like a much more chilled out way to travel, and really interesting from a vlogging point of view.
  9. Kari B

    Lifestyle Channel Cruising Wild Child

    Hi Bill, welcome to the forums. What made you want to live in a motor yacht and RV full time?
  10. Kari B

    YouTube Question Embed videos views count or not?

    This might be slightly different in forums, but Derral was saying in one of his recent videos that sometimes when people watch your videos on Facebook it doesn't count. He did some research on this and suggested leaving links to your channel rather than links to the video - this way they have to...
  11. Kari B

    YouTube Opinion what would you tell your old self before starting youtube

    That it's ok to be a bit varied but not to film anything and everything just for the experience because no-one will know what my channel is about. To watch and learn from people like Derral, Roberto et el sooner, their advice would have helped me more than watching dozens of other popular, big...
  12. Kari B

    YouTube Question No views on your first videos - what did you do to fix it?

    I made a series of related videos in the hope if they clicked on one they might like a similar one. And I always link similar videos in the description under ''Other videos you may like''. If I'm filming something seasonal like Halloween or Christmas related videos I try and get them up as soon...
  13. Kari B

    Sports Everyone's favorite sport?

    I really enjoyed quad biking across the desert in Egypt and would love to try dog sledding over snow. I'm not really into ball sports, but will always give England a good cheer during the world cup.
  14. Kari B

    Automotive Caption this

    If you think you've wasted your day, I drew this, and still added indicators.
  15. Kari B

    YouTube Tips Sub 4 Sub: Why It Should Be Avoided

    I think some people have to learn the hard way. I'm sad to say I sub4subbed when I first started without realising. I had lots of people writing comments on my videos suggesting we 'support each other' or be 'youtuber friends' and I thought they were genuine viewers, now I see they were just...
  16. Kari B

    YouTube Opinion How many subscribers do you gain and lose a month?

    It's helpful to see that I'm not the only one that feels like they lost a friend if someone unsubscribes. I know it's natural and every so often I go through and unsub from channels I no longer watch or enjoy. But when I see that little downward arrow my heart hurts a little. I need to focus...
  17. Kari B

    YouTube Tips Finding traffic

    Instead of looking for bigger channels why don't you look at creators with similar sub numbers but in a different country, that way both of you can gain some cross traffic.
  18. Kari B

    YouTube Opinion How many subscribers do you gain and lose a month?

    Thank you very much, I will have a look and see if I can find one I can add or maybe my editing software has one. This is such a good idea. :heart: :heart:
  19. Kari B

    Lifestyle Channel after delaying for so long I'm going to start my channel(s)!

    Have you thought about making a few videos now for experience and setting them to link only, then sending the link to family/friends/groups that could provide you with some feedback? You might find that the thing you are most concerned with (your accent) is barely noticeable, but you might need...
  20. Kari B

    Need Advice Should I delete old videos?

    Are the videos relevant to your niche? If they are then you can keep them because you never know when someone might look for that topic - maybe you could give them a little trim in editor if you feel it would make them better, or add some music to cover bad audio. If they are really bad or...