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  1. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Question TB SEO Score

    I noticed that when I watched one of my videos, that there was a TB SEO Score. What is it? How does it work? Jessica
  2. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    YouTube Question Playing Music In The Background

    I might do a video on how I met the guitarist from my favorite 80's heavy metal band. My question is: could I play their music low in the background without having to get the copyright rights? I don't want to cause problems Jessica
  3. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Subscriber Milestone I Am At 40

    Hey Everyone! I am happy to say that now I have 40 subscribers. YAY! Jessica
  4. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    YouTube Tips Getting People To Share Your Videos

    How do you get people to share your videos that you have posted on Youtube without being pushy? Do you mention it in your videos or keep quiet about it? Jessica
  5. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Happy 4th Of July!

    Happy 4th of July Everyone! What are you doing for holiday, considering we are still in a pandemic? I am thinking of ideas for Youtube videos and of course reading! Jessica:sun:
  6. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Subscriber Milestone 35 Subscribers!

    Today, I got 35 subcribers on my channel. Whew who! Jessica
  7. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Social Media Experiences With VK.com

    Has anyone had any experiences with VK.com? Jessica
  8. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Editing Software iMovie

    Recently, I started using iMovie on my Iphone. So far, I really like the app. Did any of you have good or bad experiences with it? Jessica
  9. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Social Media Mix Is The Former Site Of StumbleUpon

    A few weeks ago, I posted a question asking if anyone knew about a website named Mix.com. Well, I found out it is the former website of StumbleUpon.com. In a way it kind of reminds a little like Pinterest. Did anyone check out Mix.com? If so, am I right or wrong about it being similiar to...
  10. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Instagram Direct Link To Instagram?

    Does anyone think that in the future Youtube will have a direct link to Instagram? Jessica
  11. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Answered Launch Pad

    I tried posting this and it didn't go through. So, I am re-posting again: I was looking at Launch Pad under the tools section of Tubebuddy. Does it cost money?
  12. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Social Media What Is Mix?

    As I was about share my Youtube video, I noticed along the bottom of the screen with other social media like Reddit, Facebook, etc. there's another one called Mix. Is Mix similar to Pinterest? Has anyone had any experiences with it good or bad? If so, how did it affect traffic to your Youtube...
  13. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Need Advice How Often Should You Add The Subscribe Button?

    How often should you add the subscribe button at the end of your videos without saying anything? Jessica
  14. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Need Advice Short Stories 2020/YouTube Search Ranks

    My channel focuses on people that love reading, writing, and my short stories etc. Now, for the question: I recently posted a new video of me reading a new short story I have written about lavander farms. When I posted I made tags #shortstories 2020 #lavanderfarms etc. After I posted I typed...
  15. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Social Media FaceBook Or Pinterest

    Hey, Everyone! What is your favorite platform to post your latest Youtube videos on? Could it be Facebook, Pinterest, etc? For me I like both Facebook and Pinterest. I haven't tried others like Tictok. Instagram and Reddit I am not crazy about. Jessica
  16. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    YouTube Tips The Easiest Way You Got Subscribers

    What was the easiest way you got subscribers? Jessica
  17. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Answered I was awarded subscriber button. How do I activate it?

    Under the alerts section, I was awarded the subscriber button. How do I activate it? Jessica
  18. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    YouTube Help URL Questions

    As I was about to link my channel on here, under my advanced settings it said that I am currently not eligible for a URL. Upon future research, it said that I have to have 100 subscribers, art cover, and an icon. I have the art cover and icon. However, I don't have 100 subscribers. Currently...
  19. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Answered Stupid Question But I Must Ask It

    I got a notification saying that now I am an Active Member and I got some trophies. However, this is where the stupid question comes in, when I post or respond to someone else post, it says I am still a new member. Could someone please, clear this up for me? Thank you, Jessica
  20. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Answered Channelytics Question

    On my channelytics under the compare stats I noticed a red zig-zag line. Are other people watching my channel or is it just me?