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  1. Gunjit

    TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

    I'm liking the fourms a lot, Thanks
  2. Gunjit

    YouTube Tips Sub 4 Sub: Why It Should Be Avoided

    Sub 4 Sub is never worth it, It should always be avoided
  3. Gunjit

    YouTube Tips how to get more people interested in my channel

    Try to build a connection with your subscribers, Eg- Doing Livestreams or having QnA sessions and stuff like that
  4. Gunjit

    YouTube Resources Instagram

    You can post the link in your bio, After you have 10k+ Followers then you can post it in the stories
  5. Gunjit

    YouTube Tips Finding traffic

    You can advertise the video at specific places. eg. If you are making a video about some game then post it to the fourms that are dedicated to that game.
  6. Gunjit

    Need Advice Building community as a "for kids and their parents" type channel

    You should try and make a discord server
  7. Gunjit

    Need Advice Should I delete old videos?

    If they do not have a lot of views, Then you can consider making them private
  8. Gunjit


    I totally agree on this, You need true fans not subscribers
  9. Gunjit

    Video Research I need Help with video editing.

    Just use the default screen recorder which comes with your phone
  10. Gunjit

    YouTube Help hi need some help

    You need to keep working hard
  11. Gunjit

    YouTube Question Impression

    The views can never be more than the impressions if you think technically, But a good title and thumbnail can improve the click through rate
  12. Gunjit

    YouTube Opinion All About Them Views...

    Thanks for these great tips!
  13. Gunjit

    YouTube Opinion How many subscribers do you gain and lose a month?

    It hasn't been a month since I started taking youtube seriously, I would probably be able to tell that after a month
  14. Gunjit

    TubeBuddy Mobile Suggestion Video specific comment section

    Its a nice idea according to me
  15. Gunjit

    TubeBuddy Forum Suggestion Dark/ Night mode

    According to me its a very great suggestion, Btw what's your discord username?
  16. Gunjit

    Answered Promo materials

    I didn't quite get your question
  17. Gunjit

    Question Info card Template

    You should try and search that on youtube, They must have made a video on that
  18. Gunjit

    Question TubeBuddy Reporting broken links That are not broken?

    I didn't get your question, Could you explain in breif
  19. Gunjit

    Answered Video Upgrade link

    Check out the free trials page for more information on that
  20. Gunjit

    Question Yellow highlights with no additional views

    I don't exactly know what you are talking about