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  1. Ikerot

    Life How Do You Stay Active During Quarantine?

    So since we're on the topic of being quarantined and staying in our homes for days lol, how are you guys doing to stay active/fit? Or overall just not sit all day watching YT or playing games. I've recently introduced my brother to Ring Fit Adventure and he really likes it. If you ever get the...
  2. Ikerot

    Official Why Aren't My Posts Showing Up?

    When you're making a thread or responding to a thread, you might notice that your post isn't showing up. This is because your post/thread is currently in the approval queue! It typically takes about 24 - 48 hours for @Moderators to check the approval queue and to either approve or deny it. In...
  3. Ikerot

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on my latest Bad Ramblings Thumbnail

    Hey! I usually don't ask for thumbnails feedback but I also haven't posted anything in months (*coughs) so why not? This is for my series called Bad Ramblings, and I have all of my videos color-coded depending on whether it's a manga (orange), anime (teal), or VN (purple). I usually put the...
  4. Ikerot

    YouTube Question Syncing 2 Mic Audio

    I had a big dum-dum moment yesterday. I did some recordings with a buddy of mine and ended up recording 2 audio from 2 different mics. I synced them both up (including the mic from my camera, so that makes 3 audio track lol) and had to cut out moments where I don't talk, but my mic picks up my...
  5. Ikerot

    Official TubeBuddy Milestone Requirements

    A lot of people have asked what are the increments to the TubeBuddy milestones. For smaller channels, the accession will be lower, but as you gain more subs, views, and uploads, so will the steps. For example, for channels with 0 subscribers, you'll be hitting a milestone every 1 subs. For...
  6. Ikerot

    Gear Advice Advice on Lighting Equipments

    So I'm looking to go back to doing some recordings, but my light took a hit a couple months ago, and it doesn't work like it used to o_o I'm currently on the lookout for new lights, and I was wondering if anybody's got recommendations? :) I like the Key Light from Elgato. The only issue is...
  7. Ikerot

    Channel Milestone 400k Views!

    I hit 400k views about 2 days ago! Although I feel like I'm getting deja vu because I used to have 400k XD That was before I unlisted a few of my more popular videos, so the views prob went down. But hey! Somehow I'm back at 400k again. So huzzah!
  8. Ikerot

    TubeBuddy News TubeBuddy's 250k Giveaway!!

    As a big THANK YOU for all of you who've supported us, we're announcing our 250k giveaway! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT2xiEGOwdk Giveaway Rules: ⭐250K Milestone Giveaway⭐ . We are hosting a giveaway and there are going to be 250 winners! 200 lucky TubeBuddy users will be upgraded...
  9. Ikerot

    YouTube News The 100M Creator Award

    Since T-Series and Pewdiepie has hit 100M subs, YouTube made a new award for the milestone. View: https://twitter.com/YouTube/status/1170111421994029056 What do you think of it? I think it looks pretty slick, honestly, but I'll have to see it when they ship it over to Pewds and he show it...
  10. Ikerot

    YouTube Question Do You Use Card Polls?

    When you add cards, do you use the polls? If so, do you see any success from it? What do you use it on? I've done a few polls on my community and I've noticed a lot of people are willing to cast a vote more than they would comment. So I decided to test that out and put in a poll for some of my...
  11. Ikerot

    Official Is TubeBuddy Safe?

    The answer is YES! We are YouTube Certified, and have been since 2015! We’ve been in direct contacts with YouTube. Our product is used by major companies like Family Feud, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Allstate, etc. We have over 2,000,000+ customers who use TubeBuddy daily. When you link to TubeBuddy...
  12. Ikerot

    Official Can I Buy A Lifetime TubeBuddy License?

    Hello TubeBuddy Forums! We’ve seen a few people ask about whether they can buy a lifetime Star or Legend license. The answer is we only have lifetime Pro licenses. Here is why from our CEO: The plan is to only offer it for Pro. We provide constant updates, support, and new features to the...
  13. Ikerot

    Official How To Unlock The Promotion Area

    As a new user, when you first enter the Promotion Area, you'll see this pop-up box. No matter where you search, you can't find that "Post Thread" button. This is because the section is restricted for members without a forum badge and the required amount of posts. The reason why we do this is...
  14. Ikerot

    Thoughts On Whispering You A Love Song l A Yuri Manga

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mbc2A-LE2ak Ike's thoughts on Whispering You A Love Song and it is delightful. I hope it'll stay for a while longer. Man, I feel like I haven't liked a manga like this since... Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru! Haha and that was last year!
  15. Ikerot

    Life Any Plans For The Summer?

    Summer is upon us (and I'm slowly getting the summer cold because California keeps turning on the hot/cold switch like it's a light)! Do you have any plans for the summer? Whether you're off school and you're just chilling, or you're going on vacation. The only plans I have currently is...
  16. Ikerot

    Official YouTube's Hate Speech Policy Update

    YouTube has brought out a new policy update for hate speech. You can read it here: https://youtube.googleblog.com/2019/06/our-ongoing-work-to-tackle-hate.html Here's a bit of a snippet from the blog: What are your opinions on this update?
  17. Ikerot

    Thoughts On The Yuri Manga "Transparent Light Blue"

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1ZLgP5gsVk Not a new video, but the latest in my Bad Rambling series :) You can check out the written review here: https://ikerot.com/2019/05/16/thoughts-on-transparent-light-blue-yuri-review/
  18. Ikerot

    Subscriber Milestone 2,500 Subscribers!

    It only took me forever (and also twice) to get here! Haha. Seriously though, I was stuck at 2,497 for a while o_o Weird that now the threshold has been broken, I'm back to gaining my regular amount.
  19. Ikerot

    YouTube News Who's Your Favorite Editor?

    Every video creator has a different style of editing and it's really interesting to see how they edit their videos. Who's your favorite video editor? I was watching BrutalMoose's latest BrutalFood video yesterday and I love his editing. When you see him, you can tell that he's nervous because...
  20. Ikerot

    TubeBuddy News Catch The 4-1-1 On TubeBuddy With TubeBloggy!

    TubeBuddy's official blog is now up and running! :D TubeBloggy is created as a more direct, but human approach to our product and company. We want to let you know the behind the scene, updates, and the people responsible for TubeBuddy. So stay tuned for our weekly updates that include product...