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  1. GearVlogz

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Video comments Translator request

    Would it be possible to add a comments translator feature? When someone leaves a comment on one of my videos and it is not written in my native language I find myself having to highlight the comments>copy it>open a new tab to Google Translate to read the message.
  2. GearVlogz

    Gear Advice iPad Pro Gen3 f/Mobile editing?s

    Been thinking of saving up to get an iPad Pro Gen3. Is anyone currently using an iPad Pro for video editing? How much storage do you have? I was thinking of getting the 64GB iPad Pro and using an external HDD for importing/exporting files. Also any recommendations for editing s/w on the...
  3. GearVlogz

    Channel Milestone 1500 Subs never thought this would happen.

    1500 Subs never thought this would happen. Thank you to those that have been with me on this long journey.
  4. GearVlogz

    Channel Milestone 400K Views

    Thanks to all for the views.
  5. GearVlogz

    Channel Milestone Well, YouTube emailed me on April 1st

    Was not sure if it was real with it being April 1st and everyone on YouTube releasing April fools videos. I'm glad to report that YouTube did not Rickroll me and This little gem was sitting in my inbox. After waiting 80 days being in the Partners Program review process I'm now officially...
  6. GearVlogz

    Subscriber Milestone Just reached 1 Thousand subscribers

    Like the title states. I just reached one thousand subscribers this morning.
  7. GearVlogz

    Other Milestone 250K Views goal achieved

    I can't wait till I can afford to get this printed on canvas for my office. Looking at these achieved milestones keeps me going no matter what YouTube decides to throw at you.
  8. GearVlogz

    YouTube News Live streaming issues

    Had an interesting issue come up on my other channel? I did a Live stream of me having a late lunch on my Travel Foodie Review channel and I had the camera point at me the whole time. Naturally, the restaurant has some sort of Music playing in the background. Since the stream was close to...
  9. GearVlogz

    TubeBuddy Tips Cross promoting your channel

    So recently I tried an idea that I had. While I was working on my last video I was having a hard time choosing the right picture for my Thumbnail and Title card for the video. Since I have an Instagram account I figured I try this idea out on there. What I did was write up a post asking my...
  10. GearVlogz

    YouTube Tips YouTube Tab for Facebook

    Just found an interesting app/plugin for your Facebook page dedicated to your YouTube Channel. It adds a YouTube navigation button on your FB page. A visitor can click on the link but instead of taking you off the FB Platform it embeds your YouTube videos on that page. Currently, I'm using...
  11. GearVlogz

    Need Advice Anyone using Tee Spring?

    So Does anyone have experience with Tee Spring? Looking to start selling Merchandise to help support my channel. Only so much you can do on a fixed income of $200 a month. Already have one design I came up with. Doing the numbers for this one design the estimate profits if the shirts sales...
  12. GearVlogz

    Need Advice Using iTunes to promote your channel

    So as I'm gearing up for a weekly podcast for my channel it occurred to me why not list all my videos. Not sure on all the logistics if it is even possible but if it can get more eyes to come see my channel why not. Have any of you consider this or are already doing something similar?