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  1. Aaron

    Channel Review I'm getting a lot of views but not enough subscribers what can I do to improve that?

    I wouldn't say you are getting a lot of views... the views to subscriber ratio actually look quite fair in my personal opinion. Check the data and see how many subscribers are watchers and then check your retention data to see if people are just clicking off.
  2. Aaron

    Need Advice What is in a channel name??

    Do feel free to send me a message with the artwork and any related questions. I'll do what I can to help :)!
  3. Aaron

    Life Heading to Australia!

    Am beyond jealous! Bring back some souvenirs yeah? :heart_eyes:
  4. Aaron

    Entertainment Channel Car reviews car meet and my car builds

    YESSSSS More car lovers here! Welcome to the forum! :heart_eyes:
  5. Aaron

    Vlog Channel photographer/vlogger

    Welcome the the forum! What types of things do you enjoy photographing? :)
  6. Aaron

    Comedy Channel Hello anime fans and fellow memers!

    I feel like we are going to become really good friends XD!
  7. Aaron

    Opinion Least Favourite Niche

    Drama and ASMR are tied worst for me... Very unpopular opinion xD
  8. Aaron

    Forum News Member of the Month September 2019!

    Congratulations @Junior and Patricia! :)
  9. Aaron

    Audio Gear XLR Shot gun?

    I've got a pretty nice collection of mics that I use depending on the shoot although I don't currently own an XLR shotgun as I haven't needed one yet. I suppose its something I should likely look at as well though...
  10. Aaron

    How-To Channel Here to learn about you, experienced YouTubers ---- my passion : SuperCars !!

    I have no clue how I missed this because I'm always hunting for fellow Automotive enthusiasts but I also have this question...
  11. Aaron

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  12. Aaron

    How-To Channel Welcome to my channel How To CGFIX

    Dude your dream is one of the best I've ever seen on an intro here! So awesome to see another car guy here too :)! Welcome :D!
  13. Aaron

    Gear Question What are your future gear upgrades?

    The video from the 5D4 (even though good) can't hold a candle to Blackmagic footage... the color matching though is pretty dang easy. Might do some footage comparisons at some point.
  14. Aaron

    Gear Question What are your future gear upgrades?

    I'm looking at picking up a few Aputure 120D Mark 2 lights in the near future... I also may pick up a second lapel mic. I'm very on the fence about picking up the new Pocket Cinema Camera 6k due to reports of a cheap feeling chassis but its possible I'll still pick one up to be a B-Cam.
  15. Aaron

    Movies/TV The boys

    Binged it a week ago... Incredible. Huge fan of it.
  16. Aaron

    YouTube Question Who is your favorite YouTuber?

    This seems to consistently change for me. Right now I'm LOVING Savage Garage.
  17. Aaron

    Gear News Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k!

    I'm not sure if my concerns are legitimate but the Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate Composite material its made of has me a bit sketched out... We shall see I guess.
  18. Aaron

    Gear News Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k!

    Heavily considering picking one of these up to actually be a B-Cam for my URSA however I want to see footage and reviewer experience first before I even think about it. BMD is notorious for QC issues and if I decide to get one I want to jump after the first few hundred are out there.
  19. Aaron

    Entertainment Channel New Automotive youtube Channel!

    Welcome to the forum Jon! Doesn't North Carolina have a huge classic car base? :O
  20. Aaron

    Gear News Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k!

    Yes! I have been working with BRAW a bit (very satisfied)... working up my confidence with it grading wise before I bring it on a bigger shoot.