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  1. Calif Coder

    Subscriber Milestone Yay 65 subscribers

    I am feeling awesome and thank you TubeBuddy for creating this tool . i am not getting the watch time that i need to focus on from now on
  2. Calif Coder

    Video Review Made it in Live and Just Upload after the Live. Need 100% Critic Video Review - No Watch Time with views :(

    User name: Calif Coder Title of thread: Made it in Live and Just Upload after the Live. Need 100% Critic Video Review - No Watch Time with views :( Self review: I Just made this video in the live in Just 8 Mins and uploaded the view, I am getting the views but not the watch time. Not Sure whats...
  3. Calif Coder

    YouTube Help Need advice on making content !!!

    Hello tubers I need the advice from all of you guys. I am working as a Software Engineer ,and my dream is to work for Top Tech Companies like Google Facebook etc; So i started preparing for that , and got an idea that why not create a channel to help people like me ( i am not sure when i will...
  4. Calif Coder

    Thumbnail Feedback How is my Thumbnail

    I Tried make use of the TB thumbnail Generator. Please share your genuie feedback.
  5. Calif Coder

    YouTube Opinion Guys Need a Opinion on My TAG Research

    I am extremely happy that i found the keywords that gives me Excellent Score of 94. But i have question , How many view can i get with this Video. is it 232 as it shows on image. @Andrew Please clarify. Can't wait to do a Video on this keyword .
  6. Calif Coder

    YouTube Help Live Streaming to Mutliple platforms at once.

    Hello TubeBuddies, I am planning to do a live stream today at 4pm CST . I use the OBS Software to Do live for Youtube. I also have instagram account. What software is used to simultaneous live to instagram and Youtube in single go. Thanks for your help guys. Happy Weekend.
  7. Calif Coder

    YouTube Question Channel Name Change

    I want to change the channel name to my name , from Calif Coder to LKG Coder. Does Youtube Allow it. is it recommended to do it now. is there any process to do it.
  8. Calif Coder

    YouTube Help Copyright Strike and Channel Not Affected.

    Hello Guys, I did a live stream yesterday with brand new channel with a song suggested by freind. I didn't even know that it has copyright issue. How Do i deal with this videos , How can i take care of copyright video without having the channel impact. If i make the video public agian ...
  9. Calif Coder

    YouTube Question How is the Monetization Works in Youtube.

    I know there needs to be 1000 sub and 4000 watch hours for a channel to be on YPP. But Does any one is receiving the money after that. ? if Yes How Much ? Any Criteria for That? is it worth it if we are trying to get target to get side income on YT. , by putting of lot of time into it. ?
  10. Calif Coder

    Subscriber Milestone Yay 55 Subs For My channel.

    Thanks TubeBuddy for this awesome Certificate.
  11. Calif Coder

    Need Advice is there any good time for the Live Session in Youtube.

    Does youtube alogrithms is based on the time of the live event starts? I am thinking to start a live series for education videos. Thinking what time to start on a daily basis. Any advice would be highly appreciated.
  12. Calif Coder

    Need Advice is 4K video necessary new channels

    Hi I am trying to make the education content i.e. how to crack the coding interviews at the top it companies I got a question regarding the Video Quality is 4k is good > Does it gets more views and subscribers Does the viewers really care the video quality Does 4k makes good impact on channel...
  13. Calif Coder

    Need Advice Face picture on Thumbnail or Video is it Necessary to Engage with Audience.

    I want to make awesome tutorials about coding and preparation while i am studying. The thing always come to my mind , is it really needed to show my face in thumbnail or in video Does it make any difference in the long run. Please guide me.
  14. Calif Coder

    Need Advice How to put the Title that grabs visitors

    Hi i am laxman, started a new yt channel i am trying to do coding interview basics to advance videos on the youtube. How to draw the attention of the users because my viewers area will be small. I am confused Please help and give me some great advice.
  15. Calif Coder

    Educational Channel Coding Interview Guide Channel

    User name: Calif Coder Title of introduction: Coding Interview Guide Channel Your name/ Alias: Calif Coder Where are you from? Austin How did you find TubeBuddy? Internet What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? know more about youtube What would you like to accomplish with your channel: I would...