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  1. Fiberific

    Channel Milestone 200 000 Views

    I'm pretty excited to share that I've hit this amazing milestone! I'm preparing for some changes on my channel. But seeing this really helps me to know I've made the right choice.
  2. Fiberific

    Channel Milestone 200 videos!

    I can't believe it happened! I remember being told just keep making videos and the learning will happen, with 20 vids under my belt I though omg I will never get there.... But here I am.
  3. Fiberific

    How-To Channel Fiberific aka Chantelle

    Hi my name is Chantelle, I run all things Fiberific online. I live in Brisbane, sunny Queensland in Australia. I joined tubebuddy in 2016, and have been loving it slowly upgrading currently on legend. I can't choose a favourite tool, but I especially love the app for on the go usage. I didn't...