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  1. kunicross

    YouTube News Negative view time

    I just saw that in my analytics and had to share it, sorry for the German ;) but I found it quite hilarious. That was a live stream / review of sim Airport - even the devolver dropped by - does anyone know a way to get better notifications from chat messages while live steaming? Since I'm...
  2. kunicross

    TubeBuddy Tips Creating / clarifying your mission statement

    Hi Guys, so about a month back I watched this video from everybody┬┤s favorite Apple hater / repair man Louis Rossmann about how his old buissiness failed: View: (basically a one hour life stream) No matter how you like the guy there where some...
  3. kunicross

    YouTube Tips Avoiding accidental usage of nazi symbols / Iconography / abbreviations

    It came up in another post but actually I know one YouTuber who got into trouble in 2016 because he had the swastika flag in a thumbnail (also a topic recently with the more precise community guidelines regarding thumbnails). Please don't let it get into a whole discussion about free speech - I...
  4. kunicross

    TubeBuddy No more automatic sharing on Twitter

    I guess you all have read your email that automatic sharing on Twitter and Google+ will be discontinued. Does this affect you? I was a bit sad they removed automatic sharing on Facebook way back and I found Twitter in some cases to be a better tracking tool than YouTube notifications (despite...
  5. kunicross

    YouTube Tips The public domain grows in 2019

    I just realized that this might be intersting to other creators as well - the public domain (in the US) did expand the first time since 1998 - most works from 1923 are now public domain so we can potentially use them:
  6. kunicross

    YouTube News Youtube studio app with multiple channels

    Hi guys, Has anybody else the same problem? For some time now when I switch channels on the YT creator studio app and reply to comments my replies are posted as the original channel I started the app with. This is very annoying with 2 very similar sized channels and I really wonder if...
  7. kunicross

    Need Advice Date recorded relevancy and effects

    I've just been wondering. Does the date recorded in the video Infos do have any beneficial or negative consequences? I sometimes set it especially if it's really date related but it's not even shown in the creator studio app for example so does anyone know if it has any effect anywhere?