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    TubeBuddy Suggestion Would be nice to be able to exclude keywords when bulk copy end card and etc.

    When bulk copy end card/ I-card. We can choose ‘all videos’ or ‘a list of video id’ or ‘ a playlist’. If we are able to choose all videos but exclude ‘ a list of video id’ or exclude’ videos with certain keywords in the title’ that would be really helpful. I hope what I said makes sense. Thank...
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    TubeBuddy Suggestion Tubebuddy bulk copy has been really slow lately. Anyone has this problem too?

    It takes ages to bulk copy end card or I-card. I’ve tried it using different internet but it didn’t help. Anyone else has this issue? Also, while it’ s copying, can I change to other channels on YouTube or do I have to wait until it’s finished? Thanks!
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    YouTube Help Will making public videos private damage my channel performance?

    Hi, Thanks in advance for your time. I upload multiple videos at a time and will turn off videos that aren’t performing well. The ones I turned off only had under 1000views within last 48 hours. Will this damage my channel performance?