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  1. Bob the Canadian

    In Progress Is the Comments sorting broken?

    Do you have more than 40 comments though? Because it will only sort/search the first 40, then it bails. So if you have comments you have not replied to beyond the first 40 it doesn't not search them.
  2. Bob the Canadian

    In Progress Is the Comments sorting broken?

    User name: Bob the Canadian Title of thread: Is the Comments sorting broken? Request Type Browser Extension/TubeBuddy Website Tools What browser are you on? Chrome Studio Beta or Studio Classic? Studio Beta What version of TubeBuddy? v1.45.645 Is it related to a video? No Explain your...
  3. Bob the Canadian

    Audio Gear What microphone do you use?

    RĂ˜DE Videomicro for everything.
  4. Bob the Canadian

    YouTube Question Hours a day working

    It takes me 2 hours to script/bullet point, 2 hours to shoot, 2 hours to edit, 2 hours for all the other stuff (subtitles, thumbnails, etc). That is for a 8 minute video. Sometimes I make them longer and all the steps take longer of course.
  5. Bob the Canadian

    Gear Opinion Canon is finally catching up!

    My son felt the same way. He moved to Sony. It all worked out though because I bought his Canon SL2 used and I'm quite happy with it. I'm not planning on moving to 4k anytime soon. I'll wait until my next computer purchase so I have the horsepower to render it in a reasonable amount of time. I...
  6. Bob the Canadian

    Community Channel Kathy is here :)

    Do you do more videos in English? I liked your channel trailer.
  7. Bob the Canadian

    Educational Channel EngrCharvin

    Cool! I look forward to seeing it.
  8. Bob the Canadian

    YouTube News How to get 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers

    I think the best advice is to simply make a video. Upload it. Find one thing that you can improve on. Make another video. Don't get too worried about the subs and views. Just strive to make great videos, and strive to get a little bit better with each one. I would even go so far as to WRITE DOWN...
  9. Bob the Canadian

    Official How do I get My TubeBuddy Forum Badge?

    Thanks for approving me Andrew!
  10. Bob the Canadian

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Load comments I have not hearted.

    This would be a great feature. I'm averaging over 100 comments per day, and have a huge backlog. I would love to be able to filter by comments I have not hearted, because when I get behind I at least like to read and heart them. I'd love to see this!
  11. Bob the Canadian

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Load comments I have not hearted.

    As the amount of comments on my channel grows I'd love a search comments feature that allows me to find all the comments on a video I have not hearted.
  12. Bob the Canadian

    Educational Channel Hi I'm Bob

    Hi. I'm Bob the Canadian. I teach English on Youtube. I'm new here. I look forward to sharing things I've learned along the way. I'm doing ok on Youtube. Actually more than ok. :)