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  1. kunicross

    Did you learn about photography in my video?

    Welcome back @Photoguy I'm still subscribed from couple of months back when you posted some videos here which I found quite good. I find your videos quite helpful - I think the GoPro does work quite well for pov especially the way you edited it with the taken pictures in it. I just don't...
  2. kunicross

    YouTube News Is YT Censorship to be Censored?

    I really dislike overly strong notions of censorship and hampering with free speech. Those are things a state does and not a private enterprise like YouTube and most of the actions YouTube does represent on the one hand policial / legal moves (article 13, liability etc. ) and on the other hand...
  3. kunicross

    Need Advice Amazon Video Reviews?

    A time back I read that amazon had some very specific requirements regarding video size etc. I would ensure that you stay within Amazon's TOS, they are relatively restrictive.
  4. kunicross

    Need Advice Noob question about release schedule and/or content length.

    In my experience multi part videos have a hugh drop in viewership from one part to each other while longer videos in general have a little less viewership and audience retention. In the end the differences are not so big - if the content does work well as one single video I would let it that way...
  5. kunicross

    YouTube News Negative view time

    It's a life stream and the metrics from the next day, either its a glitch or they see my brother as a bot but my boring streams help him sleep. ;)
  6. kunicross

    YouTube News Negative view time

    Actually, that´s how I do it - Streaming page in the Background OBS on top so I can see everything at once. I guess the main problem really is not expecting anyone to show up - also I could maybe make the streaming window overall smaller (zoom out a bit) so I can see all the information at...
  7. kunicross

    YouTube News Negative view time

    Yea I had that idea as well - do you link into your own stream to see it? I have a main Screen where the game is running in full HD and a older secondary one where I monitor OBS and the youtube streaming windows - I guess putting OBS in the background might be better but at the moment I feel...
  8. kunicross

    YouTube News BEING PUT DOWN

    I run my main channel in a foreign language so nobody recognizes me on the street. ;) I was bullied quite a lot in school from the start till I was around 13-14. I think I was very aggressive and easy to provoke as a child so the other kids made it fun to provoke me into beating them up I...
  9. kunicross

    Official How do I get My TubeBuddy Forum Badge?

    If you ask that way: (Sorry for the huge size - it did look much much smaller on the cell) ? I guess I'll need that badge, do mobile applications count?
  10. kunicross

    YouTube News Negative view time

    I just saw that in my analytics and had to share it, sorry for the German ;) but I found it quite hilarious. That was a live stream / review of sim Airport - even the devolver dropped by - does anyone know a way to get better notifications from chat messages while live steaming? Since I'm...
  11. kunicross

    Need Advice Sudden drop in views

    If it's a anything related to current events I would say it's about normal, when we where bit by a storm last year I made a video that had such a history as well.
  12. kunicross

    Community Channel Hi! I'm Run Fit Mama

    Welcome, I did some running too in my early channel days.
  13. kunicross

    Need Advice Will my video still generate views?

    Usually the whole thing does move rather upward - if your new video does compete directly with the old one it's more likely the old one will continue as it is and the new one will performe worse but it depends on a lot of factors. Mostly on where your audience is driven from and often that is...
  14. kunicross

    Need Advice Translating videos or not?

    Given your overall channel size and how much actual work it it's to created good captions I guess you'd be better of investing the time in making more viedos instead. (unless you have another channel) Creating captions is a lot of hard work and Usually you'll see that only a very small...
  15. kunicross

    What is your dream setup?

    For me the biggest problem is always having all the files at the right place at the right time so some magic contraption that would put my files while capturing right into the cloud and enable editing from no matter which site and device easy would be really nice. ;) Even if something alike...
  16. kunicross

    Need Advice Translating videos or not?

    Didn't you ask a similar question before? Or is it about translated subtitles this time? ;) Generally if you are fluent in several languages there is no reason not to use the same video template for each of them - I think my German channel will outpace all my other from the looks of it at...
  17. kunicross

    Vlog Channel Well hello!

    Welcome! The whole fitness section is very competitive but with your professional background you can certainly make it. (I started Youtube as a weight-loss channel but I outgrew that)
  18. kunicross

    YouTube News How beneficial is TubeBuddy? What package do you have (Pro, Star, Legend)? Any services that are better or free

    I have the pro license at well because it (especially at the sale) does offer the best price / awsomnes rate for channels of my size. Actually my only beef is that I can't use it directly for all my small channels as well. (the app works for all channels and is included in the pro version) bulk...
  19. kunicross

    Need Advice channel growth

    Oh yea that's really important, boosting your sub count artificially does not help but most of the times does hurt. It's very good to connect with other creators on the other hand (like here in the forum) but sadly almost everything happening out there is just some sort of sub4sub. Big...