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  1. Buddy Shearer

    TubeBuddy List of Milestones?

    Is there a list showing all of the Milestones? i have searched in here but no luck. I know what my next Milestone is but I would like to see all of them. aahem...maybe Pin it? ;) Thanks Buddy
  2. Buddy Shearer

    YouTube News View Count oddities

    Out of curiosity, has anyone seen their View Counts go down any? I have been creating a fair amount of videos lately so I track my daily stats. Last week, I noticed my View Count on my channel started decreasing slowly by 1 over a 5 minute period of time. I watched it drop 5. I thought I was...
  3. Buddy Shearer

    TubeBuddy Tips Here is a Title Tip

    Look at the following line: allintitle:"how to use tubebuddy" That command structure I will enter on Google. Depending on how many comes back in the results will determine if I use the keyword phrase in my title. In my example I am using "how to use tubebuddy" as my...
  4. Buddy Shearer

    TubeBuddy Tips Content Strategy Idea

    As I have previously commented, I focus on a particular programming platform with a limited group of users. Within this environment the platform developers built in the capability to add 3rd party tools. Some of the tools that have been developed are pretty powerful. It dawned on me while...
  5. Buddy Shearer

    YouTube Tips Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool

    Over the weekend I received an email telling me this tool had been updated. It is an Extension that the Chrome Web Store has and it appears to be pretty good. I have already found a few long-tail phrases that I am going to use. Buddy