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  1. Hamiltonville Farm

    Answered SUB COUNT in TB

    User name: Hamiltonville Farm Title of thread: SUB COUNT in TB Request Type TubeBuddy Mobile Android or (Apple) IOS? Android What version of TubeBuddy Mobile? 2.3.1 Explain your issue: I lost 7 subs in my count last night....I know sometimes Youtube does that, however the sub count on...
  2. Hamiltonville Farm

    Need Advice Optimization red/yellow/green scale on keyword explorer

    I'm confused on the optimization strength scale on the key word explorer tool. What throws me off is the little explanation that pops up when you hover over the question mark it reads : This number represents how well the top ranking videos are for the search phrase. if they are not well...
  3. Hamiltonville Farm

    TubeBuddy Tips LIVE!

    We did our first live stream last night. We have 1085 subs, 30 people showed up and I got 23 hours watch time. I thought that was good for our first time. We went for 1 hour. I think I may do that again to get those hours up to reach the 4k hours threshold. It was a lot of fun too.
  4. Hamiltonville Farm

    Channel Milestone 1k

    Just hit 1k tonight! super excited. Couldn't have done it without TubeBuddy!
  5. Hamiltonville Farm

    YouTube News channel art

    My logo is a circle. I've tried to resize it, different file types, etc. and I still cant get it to fit into the defined space for the channel art banner. anyone make channel art banners?
  6. Hamiltonville Farm

    Subscriber Milestone 900!

    So excited! We posted our first video 16 Nov 18. On video #80 we hit 900 subs. Exciting times for sure. Now I need to work on increasing watch time!
  7. Hamiltonville Farm

    Lifestyle Channel Hello from Florida

    Hamiltonville Farm is a hobby farm in NW Fl. Our channel's niche is hobby farming, tractor work and farm/barn animals. Thanks for the add. Looking forward to learning from the group.