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  1. Jayz3n

    Need Advice 14 subscribers, but not a lot of views. Help?

    Sooo... As of now, I have 14 subscribers and I have been posting on a regular basis which is every Saturday. Here's the thing, I'm hoping to achieve an average of 20-30 views per video at least with the number of subscribers I have so I post a video every Saturday and try as much as possible to...
  2. Jayz3n

    Need Advice I just got my first 10 subscribers but where do I go from there?

    Hi everyone! I just finally got my first 10 subs but I don't know how to grow and increase that number. I've been posting every Saturday, but I feel like if its just going to be every Saturday then it should be longer and more interesting. Any suggestions?
  3. Jayz3n

    Latest video from my channel.

  4. Jayz3n

    First two videos, how are they?

    Theses are my first 2 videos and only videos for my channel as of now, what do you think of them? Channel: