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    TubeBuddy What is that "Avg." on the views section?

    Here.. what exactly is that? What in the world does the 8.55K means? Is that views per month of something??
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    Need Advice How to use the keyword Explorer properly?

    I think I am not using the keyword explorer properly. Most of the videos I have been making are into the "good" ranking but within the "poor" search volume, and I think my channel might not be performing all that great maybe because not that many people might be looking for the information...
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    YouTube Opinion YouTube count my visits to my channel as views and...

    Seems like YouTube counts my visits to my channel as views and.. and if don't spend time watching my videos it seems to count as negative for the video performance. And now I seem to be getting punished for not spending time watching my own videos... The reason why I have been visiting my...
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    Need Advice How to grow my English speaking channel WITHOUT my Spanish speaking audience.

    Long story short I started / split my channel into English only and Spanish only so I wouldn't "fragment" my audience and get better performance. Indeed once I stopped uploading English videos in my largely Spanish speaking audience the videos and channel got a better performance.. BUT... I...
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    YouTube Question How to.. update a YouTube video properly?

    So I made a video... and other videos... and a few weeks later I find mistakes, or just very crappy.. How can I do an updated video version that would replace the old video without deleting the old video and old and new views for my channel?
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    YouTube Question Ups... and downs downs...

    After August 7th there was a crash on the YouTube views and time, then it seems to be fixed and I had 2 weeks of steady views with an up curve... The last 3 days its been down, down, down... Is this normal? How does your ups and downs look like?
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    YouTube News Have you seen a sharp drop on views and view time?

    Like... what is this? A big drop from yesterday and today.