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  1. Fuzz

    Subscriber Milestone Latest sub milestone reached today! TB has helped me immensely over the past two years.

    I installed TubeBuddy back in 2017 (I had been uploading for five years by that point). Two years later and my subs have gone up from 9k to 35k and last month I achieved a record (for my channel) 900,000+ views! Above all, I now have a wonderful community that enjoys my content and I realise...
  2. Fuzz

    TubeBuddy Tips A way to help inspire new Video ideas.

    We all know about writer's block, but I have discovered sometimes that 'Youtube Block' can be a real thing lol. One way I have found useful when needing inspiration on what to make my next video on is Reddit. Head to the sub-reddit of your chosen topic and see what is trending. For example...