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  1. Uncle Dan

    1st live session, very personal and raw

  2. Uncle Dan

    Other Milestone So after 8 months, I finally did my first live session.

    Ive been wanting to do this forever but not having edits and music to hide behind. I knew I would have a small watch count so I couldn't rely on chat feedback, just me a mic and being as raw as possible. My content is humerus on a very serious topic (bipolar) and I even dropped the jokes and...
  3. Uncle Dan

    In Progress tubebuddy mobile app not syncing

    Hi, after the last update for the Andriod app (ver 2.0.49) it no longer recognises I have a license, and thats kind of anoying because I pay for that to not be the case. I've already removed and reinstalled, cleared the catch, cleared all the app data, signed out, signed back in, reselected my...
  4. Uncle Dan

    Bought my first "editing" computer, my wife is gonna kill me

    So I've been wanting to get into computer editing (I've done my entire channel on mobile, top to bottom). I found out that because my wife is a teacher, I get Adobe CC for $19 a month....way better than $60 lol. Looking at the requirements, there was no way my current laptop was going to cut it...
  5. Uncle Dan

    5 and 3/4 Things You Don't Say To A Bipolar Person

    You know whats awesome?? This. If you wanna be awesome you have to watch awesome things like this, and don't tell me you don't want to be awesome. Besides, I heard Jill watched it and really liked it, this could be your shot to ask her to the dance
  6. Uncle Dan

    YouTube News How far gone is YouTube...

    I recieved notice this week concerning 1 of my videos. It was age restricted due to racist and homophobic language. Im not monetized so they took away the currency I have, mobility. When that happens to a video it stops getting recommended. That pisses me of thought because I want as many people...
  7. Uncle Dan

    Entertainment Channel I'm looking to have a Google hangout session with somebody who just fine being mentally ill.

    HI, I'm Uncle Dan, aka The Evil Unicorn, aka White Jesus, aka The Untied Tennis Shoe. My channel, UNCLE DAN'S DUMBASSERY, is about dealing with your mental illness and the social stigma head on. Playing offense against these stupid lazy mouth breathers who have no excuse. Im bipolar, and I think...
  8. Uncle Dan

    YouTube News YouTube is devaluing the moral compass of 1 of my videos, can I stop it.

    Most of my content is a hard comedy take on my sever bipolar. There is 1 video that was very deep, painful, and touched on a topic that doesn't get brought up that often even though it is quite common, a friend or family member blaming your mental health on you lack of faith in God and if you...