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    Vlog Channel Vanlife and 4x4 overlander channel

    Welcome to the community! Great idea for the video diary for you and your kids to pass down :) Cute dog!
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    Life Happy New year Tubebuddies!

    Happy New Year Andrew and TubeBuddy community! Our goal for the new year is to reach 100 subscribers so we can get a custom channel url. Also to upload way more frequently than we have been so far o_O
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    Editing Software What are you using to Edit with?

    Premiere Pro. Just upgraded recently from CS6 to CC, so getting use to the differences. I tried a few different editing apps but I haven't found one that works as easily.
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    Thumbnail Feedback Need Thoughts and ideas on my "branding" watermarks for 2020?

    I like the last one, too. It seems updated and fresh, nice work :grinning:
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    Business Channel Reinventing Myself as a YouTuber

    Welcome to the community! Sounds like some tough breaks :( I hope YouTube and TubeBuddy can help you regain your financial stability. Best of luck to you going forward :)
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    Vlog Channel Food' beauty' shopping ' tips' review

    Welcome Mehro :) There are a lot of friendly people and information here on the forum. I sincerely hope you reach your dream!
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    How-To Channel Its all about cooking

    Hello Mama's vlog, welcome to the community. There are a lot of helpful people here and lots of great information. I also found TubeBuddy through Nick Nimmin. He's amazing! I hope you achieve your dream :grinning:
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    TubeBuddy News Tubebuddy Year in Review 2019! See how you did!

    That is so cool, Andrew! Loved the pic of everyone in their Santa hats :grinning: Our numbers are low, we deleted the first channel and started a new one with the new name, so I guess it might take a little time to get some traction. o_O
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    YouTube Opinion What's Hardest Thing for A Small Youtube Channel?

    Hi craftfornaught! The hardest part for me is finding the time between the blog and videos. Congratulations, you have done so well already! You have such a talent! Did you post for a review in the Feedback Forum. I've gotten a lot of good advice doing this. Read the Sticky thread there from...
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    Channel Milestone 1,000 views

    Nice! :grinning:
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    Gaming Any good game suggestions?

    Not a gamer, but we loved Wii Fit, so of course we had to try Ring Fit Adventure. It's a lot of fun.
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    Thumbnail Feedback New thumbnail style

    Thank you TSELVIN :) I like it. It seems like it might need a touch of color, though?
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    Thumbnail Feedback New thumbnail style

    Thanks Retro Reels! I didn't leave myself enough room did I o_O Good to keep in mind going forward! :)
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    Thumbnail Feedback New thumbnail style

    I agree! But I hadn't thought about it working against us, though, too! You're right though o_O :grinning:
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    Thumbnail Feedback New thumbnail style

    Green Version Thanks for the suggestion Andrew!:)
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    Beauty Channel I'm new to this

    Welcome to the forum :grinning:
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    Channel Review Looking for some honest feedback

    Hi AshleyRachel, You have a wonderful presence and amazing talent for makeup! You have a great voice; I think people would like to listen to you more. Maybe if you mention the products and say a little something about them - like what effect you are using it for, or other little bits of info...
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    Thumbnail Feedback New thumbnail style

    Thanks Andrew! I agree green would look better! But we used green for the thumbnail of the regular Salad Shooter (vs Pro model) and thought I should use different colors to differentiate between the videos. (We have 3 videos all on this subject.) Probably better planning next time o_O Thanks...