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  1. Leahbeeart

    How-To Channel Fiberific aka Chantelle

    HI Chantelle, lovely to meet you here on the TubeBuddy forums! I really admire that you have grown your channel using TubeBuddy, i'm hoping to do the same :) I used to knit, but could only do scarves, so I stuck to drawing :joy:
  2. Leahbeeart

    Vlog Channel I am a counselor looking to bring mental health awarness and show my love of dogs

    Lovely to meet you here Ashley! I think your channel is an amazing idea. I really feel that mental health needs to be spoken about more, and be made less taboo. And dogs as well? What could be more perfect!?
  3. Leahbeeart

    Entertainment Channel (Hopefully) A fun new arty channel! Leah Bee Art

    User name: Leahbeeart Title of introduction: (Hopefully) A fun new arty channel! Leah Bee Art Your name/ Alias: Leah Where are you from? UK How did you find TubeBuddy? Through viral academy What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? To find like minded people, at the same stage of their...