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    How long to you spend on your videos?

    This one took me 3 days and 27 hours - A lot of graphics. I think I need to streamline my workflow! View:
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    Need Advice View time (Average)

    I'm intrigued by watch time (slightly obsessed if I'm honest). I just uploaded an awesome video of a live link with the International Space station to see if really exciting content would keep peoples attention. Although I have only just uploaded it - those that have watched it only stayed for...
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    Live link with the International Space Station

    Thought you guys might enjoy this video taken from an educational event I arranged a few years ago :) View:
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    Channel Milestone 40,000 minutes watch time. Slow but sure......

    I'm eating through the milestones at the moment. Only a week after hitting my 30,000 minutes, I have just tipped over the 40,000. A steady 173 subscribers and going up 4 or 5 a day at the moment. Things are progressing well :) I even made it to the top of the YouTube search for Brands...
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    YouTube News Live streaming - poor resolution

    OK... So I just had my first go at live streaming. As you may know you cannot live stream on mobile until you get to 1000 subs so I had to do it on my home computer and webcam. It started off OK, but as time went on the image got more and more poor resolution. It's probably my rubbish...
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    Channel Milestone 30,000 minutes of watch time and 160 subs

    So although my channel has calmed down now from my TT 2019 holiday - my videos are still drawing in views - which is awesome. Lost a few subs and gained a few, but chuffed to have made it over the 150 mark. Even more chuffed that 30,000 views of my content has been reached. Thats 500 hours...
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    10,000 views goal achieved :) Isle of Man TT 2019 - Greatest Road Race in the World!

    Visiting the Isle of Man TT this week and posted a few videos of the action. They have gone crazy and getting some real traction. Soooooo many views (well a lot for me anyway) Here is the latest one - but there are a few more on my channel : - View:
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    YouTube News OMG - my subscriber count!!

    A little click bait of a title - but still an OMG. My subs went up by 37 in 2 days and then has not moved in an age! Its soul destroying :) You think you have cracked the algorithm and then ... nothing. I suppose you just can't tell who is looking, where it is shared or whats going on behind...
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    So up to 84 subs and rising - really feeling it now :) Latest video below

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    My electronics series is getting real traction....learn new simple skills in easy to follow steps.

    Loving the electronics playlist on my account - its getting a lot of love (and some subs). Dive in and have a look at the latest video: - View:
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    The best solar panel in the world - Solar Flower :)

  12. Techmoto

    Fancy a giggle - I wonder how this will go?!?

    So sitting in front of my analytics I was pondering what people would want to watch and came up with what I think is pure gold :) Have a look: - I'll be posting videos once a week on his travels - if he gets anywhere :)
  13. Techmoto

    The ultimate Go Pro kit bag

    On my way to the Isle of Man TT races at the end of May - made a custom kit bag for EVERYTHING :) View: I'd love to have a few more subscribers before I go to the island - please do join me on the journey! Graeme
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    Subscriber Milestone First 50 :) I know it is not much - but happy :)

    Its taken a little work to get to 50 - really feel like its taking off - please subscribe - make me even more happy :)
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    Technology Channel Greetings everyone - nice to meet you

    Hi everyone, So I'm new to all this and trying to make a channel that is technology/motorbike related - hence Techmoto. I figured that people who love to make stuff - also love the thrill of fast cars or motorbikes etc. I am a Design and Tech Teacher - specialising in electronics (so there...