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  1. Doug

    Need Advice Should I Put my Show's Name in Each Video Title?

    I'm moving away from things like episode numbers. Nobody cares. Nobody. I still have a few places where I use them... but even there I'm really thinking it doesn't matter. Especially in the title.
  2. Doug

    YouTube Removing It's Video Editor!

    I hope they still let you edit/save in place. It's handy to trim sections of a live stream for example. Nothing local on my end so thing for ME to edit here. It's nice to be able to clean up something like that. Having said that... I can't imagine ever missing it for any "Real" editing work. It...
  3. Doug

    Service Royalty Free VFX Stock Footage Library

    This stuff rules! I wish I could think of a place to need them! =D Seriously though you should (if you haven't already) setup a way to take commission work for folks who want small tweaks but may not have after effects (or the like).
  4. Doug

    Need Advice SEO When Nobody's Searching

    Some thoughts - I make no claims as to how good they are... 1) Why Not both? Do you own series for sure, but maybe have one or two that play off trends to drive channel traffic. 2) Also the thought leadership stuff. Doing a really good series on famous puppeteers and/or puppets could not only...
  5. Doug

    Need Advice keyword non-letter characters

    Hmmm... The plot thickens.
  6. Doug

    Need Advice keyword non-letter characters

    Interesting. So it clearly makes a difference in Google search... but YouTube search seemed to have the same number of results.
  7. Doug

    Need Advice keyword non-letter characters

    Makes sense. I wish they were the same so I didn't have to waste the characters. :)
  8. Doug

    Need Advice keyword non-letter characters

    This may be a stupid question, but... Does YouTube make a distinction between keywords like these: Game Title Let's Play Game Title Lets Play If you didn't catch the difference - it's the apostrophe
  9. Doug

    TubeBuddy Tips Daily Uploads!!!

    I started with daily uploads. It just seemed like the thing to do given the channels I looked up to. Can't say it's been easy. Between my real job, the travel that it often requires, and my family... It's been tough. Having said that... I'm still having fun. :) I'm not sure what your genre is...
  10. Doug

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Upload Default - add First comment.

    OMG you're the best!!
  11. Doug

    Affiliate Question Best Time to Publish - Why?

    I think this feature is "neat" but it's important to realize it's also probably skewed heavily towards what you ARE doing vs. what you should do. For example, if you ALWAYS publish at 10:30 am - that's when people are getting notified of a new video, and engagement is bound to go up a bit then...
  12. Doug

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Upload Default - add First comment.

    --- Post updated --- Dude... just had to say that I really dig your channel! (I'm a biker too) I just sub'd! (on my non-youtuber account as the "DigDugPlays" one is pretty focused on gaming and has a younger audience)
  13. Doug

    Need Advice Looking for more "energy"

    Old thread, but I'm gonna reply anyway as this hit home... I think this comes with time. Two thing I'm doing to help myself with this... 1) I have a green post it on the monitor that says "React Bigger" 2) I make a point of reminding myself - no one can hear my inner dialog I know #2 sounds...
  14. Doug

    YouTube Tips To Help Youtubers

    I really like the idea of a gaming youtuber discord server. I've seen it mentioned a few times, and it looks like it usually fizzles out. Is there already a standard discord for this? I know it's not my server - so feel free to take/leave this suggestion, but I'm not 100% sure limiting it to 10...
  15. Doug

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Upload Default - add First comment.

    It puts messages on twitter and g+ but it's never actually made a comment on the video for me. (And I wouldn't expect it to as that's not called as one of the channels that message is using) So - It puts a comment on the video's YouTube watch page for you?? If so... 1) It's NOT doing that for...
  16. Doug

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Upload Default - add First comment.

    That doesn't actually create a comment on the video though - it just shares the message on the other platforms. Right? Because I use that ALL the time and it's never created a comment on the video for me.
  17. Doug

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Upload Default - add First comment.

    Hi folks! Dropping a first comment yourself often kick starts the conversation and encourages commenting so... I would love to see an addition to the upload defaults for "First Comment" where - at the risk of stating the absurdly obvious - the content creator could write a comment to post to the...