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  1. White Bread

    YouTube Opinion When you want to leave a comment, but you don't because you're worried of how it will look.

    It happens to us very often. Our channel is music related, however, when we passively "consume" YouTube, often times it is completely unrelated to music channels and topics. And, yes, the temptation to leave a comment is often times overwhelming. (However, I try not to write comments that would...
  2. White Bread

    YouTube Question Playlists To Grow Channel

    Hi there! I find using playlists rather helpful because it keeps the viewer on your channel for a longer period of time (that is, of course, if the viewer finds our content entertaining), which is a big plus for the Youtube algorithm. It seems to me to be a good practice to get into to also...
  3. White Bread

    YouTube Help Massive problem: livestreams will be not announced to subscribers

    I noticed that too! Some of the channels that we follow do live streams and we don't get any notifications of them going live ( and we are supposed to get all of the notifications from them according to Youtube)..but, yeah, we've missed a few last couple of weeks, I would say. Odd..maybe it is...
  4. White Bread

    Thumbnail Feedback Could you rate my thumbnails (for travel vlog videos)

    Sorry, if I weren't clear :blush: When I said "stand out" I meant that you want your text to stand out on your background. For instance, white text can get a little lost on a pale light background (like white letters in the sky). To make them stand out you could either change the colour of the...
  5. White Bread

    YouTube Question How do you Promote your videos?

    Agreed with the above members. social media sites like (instagram, fb, some russian social media sites) Another channel of ours we promoted through Quora.. surprisingly, it did get us some good following. However, I should add, my husband is a writer and can definitely attract some attention...
  6. White Bread

    Video Review What else can I improve in this type of makeup videos?

    Hi Zelia, I enjoyed watching your video. I like how down to earth you are, and it just feels like you and I are sitting and having a casual conversation about something. That is a good quality that you have in your videos. I would change the thumbnail a little to clarify what "GRWM" exactly...
  7. White Bread

    Need Advice Am I Uploading to Much?

    Hi Mike! Wow, this is certainly impressive that you can do this! and it's great that you can stay consistent. I know in the entertainment business they say, "leave them wanting more"..that being said, perhaps, you don't want to bombard your subscribers with so many videos per day. Two is...
  8. White Bread

    Life Every holed up and dug in?

    Hi guys! It is good to hear that people (on here at least) are staying more positive. Some of the other social platforms have exploded with chaos and the "end of the world" scenario...(it has been my experience at least...) I'm staying at home doing our art projects, my husband is still...
  9. White Bread

    Thumbnail Feedback Could you rate my thumbnails (for travel vlog videos)

    Hi, Niki! I think you are on the right track with these! The one that stood out the most to me, is the one with the green dollar signs (of course, probably of the way the modern human brain is wired, and because the green dollar sign itself is enticing to so many who seek to make money...
  10. White Bread

    Answered using 'excellent' tags but not getting any organic views

    Hi there! I am experiencing something similar to what you have described. I don't have a definite answer to your inquiry, but I was wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that the tags themselves are either: 1) have low popularity and are not searchable very often; or 2) are popular...
  11. White Bread

    Entertainment Channel I am Sandra from Hutchings Farm

    Hi Sandra! your job does sound like a dream. It is often a phantasy of mine to live and work on a farm away from all of the pollution and city stress. It seems strange to me when people glorify the city life and strive to live in the middle of "dynamic" megapoleis. Welcome to the forum! I...
  12. White Bread

    Need Advice How To Growing Subscriber Numbers Using Limited Social Media?

    Hahaha..It is interesting that you say they are snobs! I heard about that a lot! I do have an account there, but there are so many rules that aren't quite clear to me...plus, like you said, they don't allow to post until you build up your "karma"..hmmm...I mean, I think, I understand what they...
  13. White Bread

    Video Research So when does needing to improve a video become procrastination?

    I would argue that i becomes procrastination when it misses a deadline. If you vow never to breech a deadline, then you will never procrastinate. Pick a reasonable deadline. If you want to do once a week, then make sure you release every Sunday (for example, could be any day) without fail. If...
  14. White Bread

    YouTube Opinion What's Hardest Thing for A Small Youtube Channel?

    It's not so much youtube that's frustrating (although it is very much so), but it's more about finding the time in life to dedicate to our youtube channel. It's hard having thousands of great ideas for videos and having to go at a snails pace because of outside work getting in the way...
  15. White Bread

    YouTube Help How to increase sub and watch time

    You definitely want to start out with a solid pilot and work from there. Set up a system before you start publishing. Make 10 videos or so until you find your groove and make sure the editing is tight and keeps the viewers attention. Also try to develop a way to streamline your production...
  16. White Bread

    What camera do you use for your videos?

    We use a Nikon 3300D DSLR, a GoPro 6, and an iPhone. They all feel different for different scenes and textures.
  17. White Bread

    YouTube Question Anyone else seeing a spike in views?

    I wish we could identify with you, but our views seemed to have taken a giant dip a few days ago and are just now starting to pick up again. Let's hope this is the beginning of a SPIKE! :)
  18. White Bread

    YouTube Question Less views

    Well, it's interesting that you were able to get so many subscribers while getting so few views, it's usually the other way around. The bulk of views normally come from non-subscribers, which under normal circumstances, with 17k subscribers, you should have at least double that number of views...
  19. White Bread

    Need Advice How To Growing Subscriber Numbers Using Limited Social Media?

    Ah, yes :) Jordan Peterson did use Quora, you are right! I think he also mentioned reddit. I read it could also be a good source...however, I have 0 experience with reddit. I think, I might try that also.
  20. White Bread

    YouTube Opinion Is it worth posting content to Facebook

    Hi Dradus! According to the YouTube analytics of our channel more than half of our viewers come from facebook. I don't upload any of the videos to facebook directly, because the end goal is to bring the viewers to the Youtube account. However, I did join, probably, hundreds of groups related...